Friday, March 31, 2017

Pudding Herding ~ Round 5

The position after the pudding has attacked.  Kismet and Sofia may take action.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shifting to the Left ~ Round 4

While the damage seems negligible, there is evidence of a part of the mass expanding in an explosion of purple-and-red pus where Enrico hit the creature, before this is pulled back into the mass's body.

It attacks both Enrico and Kismet, missing both characters but striking Enrico's armor.  I will need a d20 rolled from Enrico.

The creature also seems to be recoiling from the flames, squeezing towards 0404.

Showing the Party's moves from last round.

Here is the party's position following their move, but before Enrico was hit:

As well, here is the experience from the combat thus far.  Please, I'm not perfect, I could have missed damage somewhere.  Please correct me if you see an error:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

As It Blocks the Ladder ~ Round 3

The creature has already attacked, so it is the player's move.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It Isn't Harmless ~ Round 2

There's no question that the fire affected the creature, but it is not helpless.  It has just stunned Sofia from two hexes away, even as it hugs the wall near the books.

Sofia, I will need a d20 from you, as the front of your robe (or whatever you are wearing on your upper body) is attacked.

Enrico and Kismet both have torches lit and can act as they will.  Here is the present position of the party:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Evaluating a Broken Room

As you contemplate your options, the mass remains in place, gently undulating.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Climbing Higher

The drifting tunnel continues upwards for an uncomfortable distance and after about five minutes you're tired from the climb.  As the torch begins to breathe it's last, giving about three minutes warning, you come across a place in the tunnel that seems to have been shifted by an earthquake (which are fairly common in the area) ages ago.  The difference is perhaps six inches, with the tunnel above you simply shifted to the left and some stones in the walls and ceilings broken.

It seems to be stable, however; the dust on the floor suggests the shift happened at least years ago.  However, more recent, something has emerged from the rift and crawled upwards along the tunnel, leaving a trail of grease behind it about three feet wide.

Here is an image of the room, after Sofia's discovery:

Monday, March 13, 2017

Climbing into the Subterranean Hill

I neglected to mention that the wererat gives you its torch.  This torch should be good for another 14 minutes or so.

Leaving the wererat behind (and I think we can all agree we know that's what it was), the party climbs a flight of stairs, which leads to a short hall, a half flight of stairs, a landing and another flight of stairs.  You would be higher than the village now, so you would guess that you're under the hill.  The wererat is covering your rear, so you have no reason to worry about guards chasing you.  As well, given the sound of your own footsteps, you feel sure you'd hear them.

The torch has about 11 minutes remaining, or about 55 rounds.

At the top of the last stair, you find yourself at the end of a sloping hallway, one that climbs about thirty degrees upwards, like a mine drift.  You see in the torchlight, about twenty feet ahead, a wolf spider ~ apparently minding its own business.  The spread of its legs are as wide as the hall, about six feet.  It is looking down at you.

I'm going to charge you 1 round on the torch every twenty words.  You didn't leave your lantern on the horse, did you?

Passageways Below Pazarli

The three of you leap down into the hole, to find that the rubble has made a mound below.  You bang your hands and knees on some timbers and stone rubble, but experience no damage.  The rat's torch reveals a masonry tunnel that has been made a very long time ago, the floor of which is about 15 feet below the surface.

If you're with the rat, you're running now, along the tunnel.  "This will take us under the nearest hill, towards the east.  From there you'll be able to climb up a series of tunnels and stairs until you find an exit in the forest.  Once you do, go north along the ridge, until you reach the sea; you'll see a beach there.  I will do my best to send your horse there.  The soldiers will probably seize the horse for a time, but when they search for you my rats will cause the horse to flee; they'll herd the horse towards that beach.  It should be there by sunrise."

You take a series of left and right turns, passing other tunnels, for about fifteen rounds, before reaching a flight of stairs up.  "I must go back for my friends," says the rat.  "Just keep climbing.  Don't take any steps that go down.  You may get lost, but so long as you climb you'll find your way out."

Friday, March 10, 2017


If you're all still with me, let's take stock.

Sofia, now that I have the monk fields and studies up, could you please pick a field and a study in that field.  I think I've given sufficient detail for you to be able to make a reasoned, educated choice.

Enrico, are you willing to trust this giant rat with your horse and follow him, as he's asked?

The same follows for Kismet and Sofia.  Are you willing to trust the rat?

For the moment, I can't think of any other critical issues.  We can sort this out and then move on from here.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rats ~ Round 5

Things are happening.  The guard in 0413 makes his morale check and doesn't flee.  However, a rat skitters across the courtyard and engages him.

This guard is profoundly focused, however, and manages to ignore the rats in order to attack Sofia.  He manages to roll a natural 20; his second d20 roll is a ten, so that he causes double damage.  With his scimitar he causes 12 points, stunning Sofia and knocking her back into 0314.

Sofia has a wound and will now bleed 1 point per round on the enemy's turn, until she binds her wound or is able to receive magical healing of some kind.

The rest of the guards do not move forward and attack; they've found themselves beset upon by rats, about a dozen of them, and the shouting in the lane has become a din.  There seems to be rats all around, but none of them are attacking the party.

Then, all of the sudden, Enrico's horse begins to freak out, rushing back and behind the tree in 0614/0714.  A section of the courtyard falls out and collapses, leaving a black hole ~ it is too dark, with eyes not adjusted, to see what has caused it within a single combat round, so the hole is all you can see.

I want to emphasize that the rats are NOT coming from the hole; they have appeared to be coming from everywhere.  No rats at all come from the hole.

The players can now make their move, excepting Sofia.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Pushed Back ~ Round 4

The guards stack up against Sofia and Kismet, two guards each, to overbear and force them back into the courtyard.

The fighter in 0511 gains +3 for overbearing and rolls a modified 21, shoving Sofia back into 0513.  This counts as the front fighter's move and attack, costing him 3 AP.  The attack causes no damage (he rolls a 1-3=0).

The fighter in 0509 (the leader who was the "big talker" the party hit earlier) steps into 0511 (2 AP), lends his weight to overbearing Sofia (1 AP) then attacks Enrico.

[It is arguable that his helping push Sofia should count as an attack, but I don't think this follows.  A military unit's formation must be able to push against an enemy and allow both lines to attack; this would mean the back line must be able to contribute both the force of weight AND an attack]

The leader rolls an 8 against Enrico, missing.

We then repeat this against Kismet.  Overbearing, 0411 rolls a 2 and Kismet holds his ground.

This forces the guard behind 0411, who advances into 0411 to help push, to expend his 4th AP to retreat again into 0410.  There he stays.  Are you fellows following this?  Trying to make it as clear as I can.

This leaves 0413 empty.  The guard that pushed Sofia has 2 AP left, so he moves into 0413.

Finally, the guard that starts in 0508 can advance to 0509, 0510 and 0511, then use his last 2 AP to get into 0512.  That's the end of his move.

The rest of the guards then pile into the alley.  The map is cut off at the point the players can reasonably view.

Player Turn

Before taking action, I need to explain that Sofia can feel a distinct vibration in the stones under her feet in 0513.  Something seems to be happening underfoot.  The other characters cannot feel anything, but the horse seems nervous.

The players can act.

Following their action, the situation appears like this (note the rats):

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Charged! ~ Round 3

Working through the charge rules I wrote, not wanting to make any mistakes.

The two front rushers pass their stunned companions and win initiative against Kismet and Enrico.  They pass through hexes 0412 and 0512.  This gives them both a +2 to hit and +2 to damage.  They don't "break" because they are facing only three combatants, who are not in formation.

The one attacking Kismet rolls a 14, hitting only AC 7.

The one on Enrico rolls a modified 21, hitting AC 0.  With a scimitar, the guard causes maximum damage, 8+2, or 10.  This will stun Enrico and whirl him into 0612.

The two guards coming up behind the charging pair now move into 0511 and 0411 (movement arrows not shown, because I don't want to clutter up the image, which looks a mess already.  These two attack Kismet and Enrico without charging.  Kismet is hit with an 18 and takes 3 damage.  I don't think that stuns (please confirm).  The other, on Enrico, misses with a 4.

This turns the combat over to the party.  Enrico's horse (forgetting the name), which I am ruling is not hitched to the tree (you were making plans to leave), will turn and kick at 0512.  I will let Enrico roll to hit:  both hooves, remember, damage 1-6.  Found Kismet's hit points, 15, so he isn't stunned and can attack.  Sofia can attack.

Following the player's move, the combat looks like this:

Accumulated x.p. so far:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rushed ~ Round 2

Three of the guards throw spears at the party.  One of these, thrown at Kismet, is at medium range; then Kismet and Enrico each are targeted with short range throws.

Against Kismet, the modified rolls are 7 and 11.  Against Enrico, I roll a 2.  At the point when the spear is thrown, there are no guards in front of the thrower, so friendly fire doesn't occur.

The sabremen then rush up the alley towards you.  They can charge next round.  That means if you stay where you are, they can blast right through you.

The party can move now.

[don't worry about the small orange numbers; they're just there to help me keep track of who was hit]

Following the party's move, the map looks as follows:

For the present, I will skip showing the x.p.  The players have only caused damage, they haven't taken any.