Friday, June 28, 2013

A Surprising Development

Moon, date & weather unchanged.

The party climbs up toward the twisted pines, where the cart track ascends into.  All along the way, they find themselves carefully inspected at a distance by the onlookers; some of them make encouraging signs, some only speak to each other, but no others approach the party.  It's clear that much of the attitude is similar to the old man and women the party already met.

Being that its February, the grass is green; it is long and uncropped, and Maximillian can see that no beasts come here to feed.  The pines are thin and do not offer much concealment ... though its understood the party makes their way carefully along, perhaps with Sofia occasionally making a brief reconnaissance ahead to ensure the way is safe.

Not far into this forest, which spreads over the top of a wide, rolling spur of the greater hill that has its top another mile or so away, the party comes to a place where the cart track deviates.  There is an old, battered sign, difficult to read, that points to the right track.  It may say "TOROGL" or possibily "KOROGI," or some combination of both.

It's not hard to see that about fifty yards along the left track - through the screen of trees, concealing the party - the cart and mule.  Beside both, the two soldiers and the two boys - openly, not restrained - sit on stones, apparently chatting, eating sausages and loaves.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Cart Track Upwards

Feb 2, 1651, late afternoon
Weather: with brisk temperatures and overcast conditions, with a moderate breeze

It takes the party two hours to journey six miles down from the hill whereat they spotted the sheep, into the currant fields shown on the map below.

Altogether the party has travelled about 12 miles today.  The currant fields, then the olive groves to the north of them, are spread over low hills which allow occasional glimpses of the sea to the west.  The land is, therefore, anything but flat.  Still, you can see the great last hill to the north (that part of the map that's a darker green, covering four hexes), separated by a small valley perhaps a quarter mile across.

It is at this point that, coming again into sight of this last hill (as you have occasionally several times already) that you see something you had not seen before.  It is low upon the hill, so obscured previously ... it is collection of people, perhaps four dozen, across the valley and at about the same level as yourselves.  These people are not together ... they are strung along a thin mountain track, barely the width of a cart, which the party can just see between rocks.  From your vantage point, they seem mostly to be women - evidenced by the loose, colorful clothing.  At this distance you cannot see features.

Moving along the track is a small, open cart without any sides or gate, but with a fence all around that rises up seven-eight feet.  It is being pulled up the hill by a burro.  There are two children, young teenagers, inside the fencing ... but unless someone has a pocket telescope, there's no more detail than that which the party can see.

You can't see where the track goes ... it disappears into a grove of twisted pines above where the women are located.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Still Zakynthos

February 2, 1651, afternoon
Weather: with cool temperatures and clear skies, with a gentle breeze.

As the sky clears up and the temperature improves, and the party sits and dries out (and there are no adverse weather effects to clothing or armor, we return again to what the party is doing.

I'll give a reboot to the lay of the land - there are no toothy mountains, only great rounded hills with a great deal of loose rock formations covering them, generally no higher than the knee.  You find a small, indistinct little shrine and a bit of open ground next to it, and take the advantage of the weather's improvement to dry out.

(image stolen from another Greek isle that isn't
Zakynthos, but there you are)
The giant sheep are perhaps a half mile away, gently grazing; you can see them in the distance.  The party has none of their hirelings with them for the time being.

You were deciding what to do.  The ship is in the harbor.  You had heard something about caves on the north side of the island.  You have all the back content just as I have.  Would you like to return to the ship and continue on, or explore further, or some other action?