Friday, December 28, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 7

Hichem takes into view everything that's happening now ... and at this point needs to make a morale check.  His morale, I believe, is 9.  Could Andrej please roll a 2d6 to see what Hichem will do next round.

#6, who was not held, loads his bow and aims.  He and #8 accounted for the two shots that missed in the previous round.

#5 did not fire last round, nor did #4.  Both let loose into the magic user Lukas.  They both hit AC 5.  #5 is using a short bow, and does 6 damage.  The second arrow does 2 damage.  That is 8 altogether, and Lukas is stunned from the first shot.  He falls back into hex 1415.

#3 loads his bow and takes a bead on Ahmet.

#2 swings his mace at Ahmet.  He leaps and lands a blow that hits AC 0 and does a powerful 10 damage - tit for tat. Ahmet slides back into hex 1014 and must make a dexterity check.

As #2 has four movement, he uses his other two to back away from Sofia into hex 0915.

Meanwhile, #1 moves to hex 0713 to swing at Sofia, making a successful dexterity check as he passes through 0613.  He rolls a 2 on Sofia and misses.

Ahmet and Lukas are stunned.  I need that dex check from Ahmet.  I need that 2d6 roll from Hichem (rolled by Andrej).

And if Ahmet fails the dexterity check, you know that Andrej will have to make one too.  (This is the moment where as a DM, I would get out of my chair and lean close to the die roll to make sure personally what the result was).

Sofia is free to take any action she will.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 6

Hichem draws a club and rushes towards the melee.

#2 takes a long swing at Ahmet but manages to miss.  His blow bounces off Ahmet's thigh, where the armor protects him.

#4 loads his bow.

#3 takes a quick shot, again at Lukas, suffering the -4 penalty.  It hits, causing but 1 damage.  Still, Lukas gets a good scare from it I think.

#7 experiences a mis-shot that fires off into the valley.  An arrow flashes past Sofia and two go by Hichem to no effect.

#1, at last, takes note of the situation.  He shouts, "You're letting your temper have the best of you, father!"  Then retreats back two hexes to 0612.

Andrej's spell is cast.  In the pocket he's in, he has line of sight on 0704, 1303 and 1404.  Trying to climb out without casting the spell will break his concentration (he can move 1 hex normally, but this assumes careful walking, not vigorous climbing.  In any case, Andrej isn't stunned.

Ahmet and Sofia can move.  1 damage shouldn't have stunned Lukas, so he's free to act as well.

Isarco Road, Round 5

Hichem pushed the last horses around the bend and there they pile up, blocked by the one ahead that Sofia tied, the pathway and Hichem on this side.  The servant turns around to see what's going on with the fight.

#3 looses an arrow at Lukas, -4 to hit.  He hits AC 5, which is good enough to ruin Lukas' spell.  He does 7 damage, and falls back to 1314, stunned.

#4 fired at Lukas as well, but missed.

#2 swings at ahmet, hitting AC 1.  Ahmet takes 5 damage ... which I don't believe stuns.

The other four bowmen all load.

#1 moves to 0813, and grins at Andrej is a disarming, fairly benign fashion.  "Are you getting your 80 gold pieces' worth, Father?"

It will cost 2 movement points to EXIT hex 1013, so Andrej will need three moves to reach any adjacent hex.  Andrej's to hit penalty, if he hurls a weapon, will be -4 to hit, and he will need to make a dexterity check (its a 60 degree slope he's on).

If Sofia decides to run forward, it will cost one extra movement point to EXIT an orange hex (such as 1014) but no penalty to ENTER an orange hex.  If she wants to attack up from 0913 (if that's a plan) she will suffer a 'to hit' penalty of -2.

Ahmet can attack if his hit points prior to being hit were 22 (I think that's right).

Lukas is out of it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 4

Hichem gets hung up a bit moving the horses, but he almost has them out of the way now.  The last horse moves across in front of Sofia as she runs forward.

In order, the attacks from the bandits is as follows.

The first attack is on Lukas; the bowman in 0408 fired at him, hitting, causing 4 damage to the mage.

The bowman in 0407 fires on Andrej, also hitting, again with a natural 20 - it's my day.  Rolling the 20 again, I get a 14, so the damage is doubled.  Andrej takes 12 damage, stunning him.

At that moment, #1 then hits Andrej, for six more damage ... knocking the cleric back onto the slope of 0913.

I need Andrej to roll a d20 for a dexterity check to see if he catches himself before sliding further.

Four other arrows flash around the four men fighting; at the last moment, #2 jerks to the right to avoid one of the arrows, that creases him across the forehead - damn close.  As a result, the blow he planned to land on Ahmet's helmet misses, and Ahmet takes no damage this round.

Lukas's sheet says he's at 13 hit points down from 19 ... I don't know if that's accurate or not.  Lukas, can you tell me if you're stunned?

Ahmet and Sofia can definitely take some action.  Lukas, you can if you're not stunned.

Isarco Road, Round 3

Hichem continues to drive the horses back, leading the one.  As I commented before, the horse in 1215 backs into Lukas and displaces him to 1414.  The other horse passes Lukas by at the same time, reaching 1513 and following the horse Hichem is pulling.

The bowmen are loading.

#1 swings at Andrej, misses, and chuckles jovially.

#2 rolls a natural 20 against Ahmet.  He rolls again and it is merely double damage.  He rolls a d6 for the mace, adds one and his strength and doubles it.  He hits for 16 damage.   This knocks Ahmet back to 0914, and the Turk is stunned.  #2 does not chase him.

Sofia, Andrej and Lukas take actions.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 2

I keep trying to find ways to make these battles clearer.  In this case, the red symbol between 0815 and 0914 indicates that Maceman #2 attacked Andrej.  The orange arrow from the "invisible" Maceman #2 is meant to indicate that after attacking Andrej, he fell back to 0715.

I hope that's clear.

The attack was successful.  Andrej finds the fellow hits like the kick of a mule, causing 7 damage with his blow ... which was clearly not a solid hit.  There's every sign that he's going to hit very hard when he hits well.

#1 does not move forward at all, but stays where he is, to allow a wide open field of fire.  There are two bow shots against Andrej - and even though the chances favor Andrej over Ahmet, there are four bowshots against Ahmet.

Andrej's sheet says AC 1, and neither shot hits that.  Ahmet is in plate mail and shield, which is AC 2 ... I hit twice, AC 1 and AC 2 ... for a total of 2, then 4 damage.  So no one is stunned.

The party can take actions.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 1

I've recolored the map, so now it looks like a bridge.  I've also turned it 90 degrees from the previous map.  I hope that does not seriously confuse people, but I needed to do it so I could add numbers to the map.

The new white patches are SNOW.  Its just light, but if you're on it and you're hit, you have to make a save or slip.

If you slip on the slope, you go over the side.

You can move onto any hex with a number (any hex, really).  Remember that any except the light grey/purple hexes are sloped.

The party has initiative, and may take what action they will.

Lukas, you need to know that your dart's range is 2 for point blank (+1 to hit); 3 to 5 for short (no modifier); 6 to 10 for medium (-2 to hit); and 11-15 for long (-5 to hit).  It is better than a dagger, but still a close range weapon.

Sofia's dagger is 2 for point blank, 3 to 5 for short, 6 to 9 for medium and 10-12 for long.

Sofia moves 6 hexes as a monk.

Be careful.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Isarco Road

October 31, 1650, Friday morning

Weather: with chilly temperatures and cloudy conditions, with a gentle breeze

It has not snowed or rained in three days, but the weather itself is still fairly unpleasant in the morning. The party is high in the mountains and moving along a road that weaves along the Isarco, then moves along the side of the mountain as the Isarco drops away into a wide, though fairly deep gorge.

You're curling along a bend in the road under the mountain, where there is a drop on your right and a steep rise on your left. Ahead of you, trees are clustered below the slope. Two fellows with maces rise from where they've been sitting below the trees, and menacingly walk into the middle of the road, facing the party.

The party is walking their horses.

The tan/pink is the roadbed; the dark yellow is a 30 degree slope; the orange band is a 45 degree slope; the red area is effectively impassable without actually climbing down a various 60-80 degree slope. The dark grey is a 45-degree slope up. The black is cliff face.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brixen Town

October 29, 1650, Wednesday morning
Weather: with frosty temperatures and steady flakes, with a moderate breeze.

The remainder of the 27th passes easily enough, as you continue to climb by steady degrees the Brenner Pass.  It is comparably a low pass - Andrej can attest to having climbed much more to go through the Furka Pass last summer.  Still, there's a fair bit of snow on the ground, some three feet, and much of the road is sloppy.

You pass a sign that says, "Entering the See of Brixen," with a low wall and an unmanned open tower by the side of the road.  There's no one present, however, so you simply cross the border out of Tyrol.  Not long after you come across two men and a boy wrestling a wagon out of the rut at the side of the road, where it has slid on a bad turn.  I think probably the party would help; no ill comes of it, and the men thank the party for their trouble.

At best, the day becomes cool; the weather remains light and calm throughout the day, though there's an annoying intermittent drizzle that night, with a moderate breeze, as you finally set camp.  The weather is brisk and certainly not the cold you expected.

The pass is somewhere ahead of you, but all you've encountered is a long, steady slope upwards between farms and pastures.  It's the easiest pass you've ever heard of.  In the morning, the weather has once again become frosty, just below freezing, and you're stiff as you roll out of bed.

On the 28th, at last, you move over the "top" ... though you're barely aware of it.  Lukas asks about mid-day if it doesn't seem like you're moving downslope, and its generally agreed that you must be.  It has certainly seemed an easier walk for the last few hours.  The weather improves again from chilly to cool, then back to brisk, once again drizzling on and off all night.

On the morning of the 29th, the drizzle becomes a steady fall of snowflakes, as you come to the small town of Brixen in the valley.  (Try as I might, I could not find a proper winter picture).  There is no wall surrounding the quite sizable town of 550 buildings, scattered on the three sides of the confluence of the Isarco and Rienza rivers, both fast rushing as they descend from the Tyrolese Alps (which you've just come through).  Pictured is the Bishop's Palace.

There is no market here, but an inn may be had for the day  if you wish, or we may continue further down the Isarco Valley on the 29th.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Freezing on the Brenner Pass

October 27, 1650, Monday afternoon
Weather: with icy temperatures and clear conditions, with a fresh breeze.

Brenner pass is above 4,000 feet, so it takes a good while to make your way there--particularly as conditions frustrate some of your movements.  You have to dismount and walk your horses, which proves somewhat difficult given the climb and that you're all leading two horses apiece.

Saturday morning proves to be quite frosty, with a little bit of ice on the rims of your bottles, plus hoarfrost upon the rocks.  It's somewhat worrying, and the party cannot help but question the wisdom of going forward.

As the afternoon begins, the weather is clear and there is a gentle breeze blowing at your backs ... but with a strange, unexpected rush, you feel this tremendous warm front roll down from the mountains above you - the Stupai Alps on your right, the Zillertal on your left, bringing  both warm conditions and a high, wild wind.   The effect is somewhat concerning - the wind puts whole trees in motion, driving them until they seem ready to uproot and dance - and the party decides, before losing a horse or slipping off a poor footing into a gulley, to cease their travels and settle down.  Finding a glade of high spruce trees and the crest of a ridge for a natural windbreak, the party finds the weather almost uncomfortably warm, stripping down to their shirts and enjoying the sight of the wind as it tears through the forests and across the open meadows, turning them like the sea.

It is not to last, however, for more than a few hours.  The warm air strikes against the cold front across the valley, and as night falls and as the temperature turns brisk the party finds itself in a deluge of steady showers.  The wind disappears and the sky drops a quarter-inch of rain, washing down the valley.  The ridge gives a cascade of water after the first half an hour, driving the party wet and weary to another place, gathering pots and tools and horses with them, slogging through mud to their ankles until at last they settle again on stony, drained ground between trees.  Teeth chattering, freezing, wet to the bone, the party pitches their tents and goes to bed without supper.

Outside, the temperature continues to fall until the rain turns to snow, then at last ceases, leaving a mere dusting upon the ground.  However, by the time the sun rises - a cold and damp party, having gotten little or no sleep at all, huddled against hope to warm up - to a crystal clear, icy day.  The temperature is well below freezing, and most of the water is scummed with ice, the rocks rimed over.  The wood the party might use to build a fire is logged and wet, but by this point some sort of fire is needed, else the party will catch their death of cold.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Regarding the Campaign's Suspension

For those of you out there who are wondering and waiting to see if the campaign gets started again today, let me say that I know you're there.

I had not definitely planned to start again with December ... with one thing or another I'm having trouble getting time to post on the blog, much less work all day at keeping the campaign alive here.  That said, there are signs of things opening up, and I may be able to get something started by the end of this week, or the middle of next.

With things having changed, Mondays are suddenly my absolute worst day.  I won't have any time to do anything until late this afternoon ... except to check in and see if there are any answers to this.

I sent James a copy of the updated spell descriptions for cleric.  I won't have updated spell descriptions for magic user until probably the summer ... so the ones that exist are fine until then.

Thank you all for your patience.