Monday, October 29, 2012

November Means Novel

Hello to my players.

I don't think this is going to come as a terrible shock.  I am going to put my campaign on hold.

Please do not think this is in any way a permanent thing.  I have been posting for long enough now, and we have had two previous pauses, so I think when I say that we will pick this campaign up again, that will be believed.  All it is that at the moment, I need space somewhere in my life, and I'm afraid this is going to be one of the areas I can find it.

Things have been intense since my mother passed; and work was stressful before.  I'm finding the job at the moment is taking up more and more of my time, so that as I come in first thing in the morning - particularly on Mondays - I am two to three hours before I can even open the campaign.

At night, I'm trying to edit my book ... with a view to getting that off the ground sometime before Christmas, circa the second week of December.  I want to get focused; and that means cutting down on the various things that unfocus me.  Pushing back the D&D campaign means making more time for me during the day, which makes for a better relaxed mindset when the day comes to an end and I can work on the bigger picture.  So I'm sorry fellas.

I know you support me (you've said so often enough before).  I want you guys to know I support you, too.  I am anxious to get you to your land, to get Ahmet and Lukas up in levels so they can get henchmen and stuff, and to keep the campaign running.  You guys have been great, and I appreciate it.

Janos seems to have done the same thing Silvius did ... just sort of moved out of the picture.  I can't blame him; its a lot of work to keep this going, as we all know.  I suggest we all give it some time, before trying to get back to the game.  I'm thinking first week of December, but that is going to depend on how my artistic endeavor goes.

I will keep you posted, as always, and I will probably be writing a few posts a week on the main blog.  My time has been suffering all over, and the main blog shows it as much as here (ah, to be able to post every day again).

Okay, take care, have a good start to your winter.  I'll keep in touch, and revive this thing when I've got bandwidth again.


Monday, October 22, 2012


This table definitely needs work ... but we'll try it as is for today.

Here is the idea.

You roll checks against your various abilities: wisdom, strength, dexterity and constitution.

To start with, the table above is completely blank.  When you miss a check, the amount that you miss it by creates random possibilities.  Thus, you make a wisdom check, you miss your wisdom by four, it creates four of the above possibilities on the list.

You accumulate increased chances of getting something by missing your ability checks.  Miss a total of 20 on your ability checks, and the table is completely filled out.

For every ability check you miss, you roll once on the table.

Let us say that you miss ALL four of your abilities by 1 point.  Let's that creates item #6, #11, #15 and #19.

Because you missed on all four abilities checks, you roll on the above table.  If all four of your rolls do not hit any of the numbers described, then you've succeeded despite your errors.

Like?  Dislike?  Ready to give it a try?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ahmet's Decline

Outside Tyrol, not quite midnight, the 25th of October, 1650.

Having passed the comment limit, the last post is continued here.  Ahmet is in a bad way; an infection seems to be spreading through him, that may be turning him undead.  Holy water, cure light wounds and an attempt at turning back the disease have all proved fruitless.

What will the party do?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

High Alpen Above Innsbruck

October 25, 1650, Friday late afternoon
Weather: with cool temperatures and clear conditions, with a light breeze

The party has set their tents near a full hayshed, which someone had nailed hides - old and worthless, now - over the front.  The hayshed is on the edge of a meadow when slopes towards Innsbruck, and the party can see the town in the distance, and the river Inn at the bottom of the valley.

Behind them, the mountain rises some four thousand feet.  Those across the valley are rocky and magnificent, the high ice glistening, and the stone slopes below shining golden in the late afternoon sun.

The question arises, what does the party wish to do with the girls' body, having brought it up here?