Friday, June 8, 2012

Tower Crown Round 6: Fire in the Hole

As the three opponents drop to the ground, slept by Lukas' spell, the fellow in the doorway will shout, "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!"  The men give a last push to the orb, and it begins rolling down the tracks - very, very slowly at first, then faster (though it ought to drop at gravity's bequest, it just doesn't).

Pink doesn't give a glance.  He doesn't hesitate.  He rushes directly at the machine to throw himself under it.

The members of the party will have to roll a d20.  Until that happens, no action is possible.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tower Crown Round 5: The Party Strikes Back

Starting with the attacks.

Mr. Green attacks Ahmet; he rolls a 12, hitting AC 6, thankfully missing.

Mr. Yellow attacks Andrej.  He rolls a 14, which with his strength makes it a 15 and hits AC 3 - so Andrej is also missed.

Mr. Pink withdraws from the combat with Janos; Mr. Red moves forward and attacks, rolling a 19.  He has no strength bonus, but this will hit AC -1 ... so Janos is hit.  Red is using a flail, but he rolls minimum damage: 2 points.  Red has no strength bonus.  This is not enough to stun Janos.

Up top, in the doorway, while the four men with their levers hold the orb in place at the lip of the door, another fellow appears; he messes with the two objects which extended from the doorway into the throbbing globe of energy, and you can see now that these are runners, intended to allow the orb to roll down and into the glowing center.

This round for the party:

All players are free to take action.  Lukas' spell has been cast, and can now be discharged (no one disturbed him, and as Andrej was not struck, the danger that Andrej might stumble back into Lukas - ruining the spell - has now past ... if anyone even recognized that was a possibility).

Please, everyone:  take action.

Tower Crown Round 4: Bashing the Party

I'm judging that Lukas is following Janos forward (it was a bit unclear), primarily because Klaas again failed his morale check, and isn't up for rushing ahead of a party member.  Klaas will appear at the top of the ladder next round, and if he makes a roll, he will fire - but that is next round.

For the present:  Mr. Green shunts Mr. Red aside, dropping his crossbow as he does so; he draws a short sword, taking one move to do so (he's used 2 so far) and then attacks Ahmet.   He rolls a 5 and misses.

Mr. Yellow swings at Andrej again.  He rolls a 17, +1 for his strength makes it an 18, and for him this hits AC 0.  He does 7 damage with his flail.  Andrej was at 21 hit points and is stunned.

Mr. Pink swings his flail at Janos, rolling a 16.  He also gets a +1 for his strength, and for him this hits AC 1.  Mr. Pink also does 7 damage with his flail.  Janos was at 27 hit points and is also stunned.

Meanwhile ... things are happening inside the door.  A group of four men have managed to roll a grey, smooth ball about a half-foot in diameter to the edge of the doorway, all of the men using levers (two at a time).  The ball appears to be far more heavy than it would possibly be for its size, even if it were made of lead.

This round for the party:

Lukas can cast a spell, but he can't discharge it until next round.  He can obviously take whatever action he's able; if he moves from his position, Klaas will be able to climb.

Ahmet, also, is unhindered in his action.  He can attack either Mr. Green or Mr. Yellow, or move otherwise in the manner that suits him.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tower Crown Round 3: Meet Four Tough Guys

None of the opponents change hexes, but all four attack.  Mr. Red attacks Ahmet with his flail; Mr. Yellow does the same, attacking Andrej.  Mr. Pink produces a dagger and hurls that at Andrej.  Mr. Green fires his crossbow at Janos.

The only successful hit is Mr. Yellow.  He hits AC 1, good enough to hit Andrej, and he causes 9 damage with his flail (strength bonus included).  This stuns up to 36 hit points - Andrej's character shows he has 30 hit points, so he is stunned.

He will stagger back towards Janos, but as he can't be pushed into 0606 (as Ahmet was), he must remain in hex 0705.  Normally, it would be possible for Janos to let him retreat to 0706 whil Janos moved forward and attacked, but since 0706 is a ladder, that's not possible.  (also, Andrej can't move forward to hex 0805).  Janos can move forward to share the hex with Andrej, but since that would be two persons to the hex, Janos wouldn't be able to attack.

But I am open to suggestions.

Ahmet, you are free to attack.

Lukas, depending on what Janos does, you may or may not appear where Janos is at the beginning of next round.