Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tower Crown Round 2: Ahmet Gets Whacked!

I've added arrows to indicate the movement of Mr. Red and Mr. Yellow, moving to attack Ahmet.  Mr. Green continues to load his crossbow, while Mr. Pink falls back.  Nothing else changes.

Mr. Red misses Ahmet, but Mr. Yellow hits with a natural 20 (and the DM has some luck, finally).  The flail does 2-8 damage; I roll a 7, +1 for strength, and Ahmet takes 16 damage.  This, I'm certain, will stun.  As he falls back, Andrej only has to put out a hand to be sure Ahmet doesn't fall into the hole, but instead staggers to hex 0606 - I'm going to be generous and say this happens with no-movement cost.

Andrej, you're free to move.  Whomever is next (Janos, unless he wants to change with Lukas) will take Andrej's present position the following round.

Tower Crown Round 1: The Stinger

What Ahmet sees ...

Well, ain't life fun.

There are a number of details here ... so absorb them patiently.

First, Ahmet's immediate issue is the artillerist with the flail (pink) and two others with flails (yellow, red).  The fellow with the crossbow (green) looks singed, but he's in the process of reloading.  No one is holding the space next to the ladder, so as Ahmet climbs up, we will have to begin with initiative again.

Andrej's fire has burnt out.  The ladder did not catch.

The roof of the tower is supported by five three-foot diameter pillars.  The blue outer circle represents the darkness/ground that surrounds the outside of the castle - I have not drawn in any walls that would logically be below, or features below the level of the tower's crown at all, for the sake of simplicity.  For the present, assume that it is all a long, long way down ... and it is.  On the side not looking over the castle proper, where it overlooks the exterior ground, the drop is nearly 300 feet.

The roof is peaked and a good 20' feet at its center above the floor.

Now, about this toy in the centre.

It is sitting on four massive gray blocks; there appears to be some kind of fire floating in its centre, about five feet off the ground, which is incredibly bright to look at and which puts off NO HEAT.  It is emitting red clouds of smoke, however (best depiction I could manage, I'm afraid).

The spear at its end doesn't seem quite solid; in fact, its either partly phased, or partly invisible.  Take your pick.

The long red image shown is a DOOR, hanging about eight feet off the floor, attached to absolutely nothing.  There are two guidewires that extend from the door into the heart of the glowing "fire" ... and you can see the door is open and that there are men trying to haul something towards the door.  Whatever it is, it appears to be very, very heavy.

That's probably not everything, but lets try this and see.  We'll start with Ahmet rolling initiative.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Tower Round 3: Apparently, a Cakewalk

I'm hoping this is a better image, and gets across to a greater degree the sheer terror of fighting 70' above the floor.

I could be wrong here; as far as I know, Ahmet is the only person to have actually advanced forward with the last round.  Please take note that the artillerist was stunned TWICE, and that he therefore fell back the equivalent of two full moves - to the ladder, as depicted.  He is therefore 10 feet from Ahmet, who would have to move two spaces to attack him again.

Looking over the last post, there are two axes and two darts on the floor in front of Ahmet (Lukas lost a dart when he rolled a "7" on the d8.

Ahmet will see a crossbowman appear at the top of the ladder:

He appears to be laying on the floor above the hole, leaning with his elbows upon the top rungs of the ladder.  The crossbow is loaded and the bowman fires.  He rolls a 12, which hits AC 6; thankfully, this misses Ahmet.

Only Ahmet and Andrej can really see this crossbowman; the other party members can see the corner of his elbow on the top of the ladder, and of course the crossbow.

Using the top image, please explain your moves for the rest of Round 3.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Tower, Round 1

In the image below, the fellow in the pink-and-purple jersey leaps down from the ladder - which he's ascended and descended for years - and lands with a thud on the narrow catwalk.  He looks scared - but determined - and advances no closer to the party.

The party can hear the movement of others up above, and the shouting to "HAUL!" goes on.

The party can take whatever action it deems necessary.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Tower Stairs

Above is a rough idea of the tower, looking top down, and the spiral catwalk rising up from the middle (best I could do, really ... perspective has never been my forte).  The lines to the bottom are there just for effect.  At the top, you can see the hole in the ceiling; the black object in front of the hole is part of the steep ladder that extends up into the hole, enabling access.

The party reaches the point where they are now when it becomes evident that the 'flickering' I mentioned before is the shadows of people moving in front of a light source.  As far as you know, said people do not know anything about your existence; they are calling orders to each other.

One is shouting over and over, "HAUL!  HAUL!"  and each shout is followed by the sound of loud grunts.  There's also something squeaking incessantly, and the sound of something heavy and soft landing.

The battle sounds underlying it all are louder, too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Stairwell

At the point where the party is considering the glyph in the wall, and partly arranged along the steep staircase leading up from Falfysson's Cavern, they experience something distinctly eerie.  It is a change in the air itself; abruptly, for those upon the stair (including the majority of the party, as I'll rule Lukas has just completed the hairpin), the air grows abruptly still.

This stillness is complete.  Where before there was the sound of water from the cavern, the shuffling of dwarves' feet, an indistinct flow of air down the stairs - now there is nothing.  Noise that was ignored before is now painfully evident in that it no longer exists.

Andrej knows at once that it is not a silence spell.

It is as if every ear in the party has suddenly closed up.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Hairpin

At the top of the path, in view of the door Falfysson mentioned - which is still about 30 feet beyond - the path makes a hair-pin turn around a rock formation.  The ledge at this point is about 9 inches wide and sloped about 25 degrees ... and like everything else, it is damp.  To get around it, explains Batath, there are hand holds carved into the stalagmites; but Batath himself was surprised when a spider climbed out of one of these and over his arm.  He nearly slipped.  The drop, he adds - for he is describing this to Ahmet, who is resting at the place where the stairs look out into the cave proper - is about 160 feet.

Batath got to the door, which has no handle.  There's an iron bar for wedging it open from this side, and there certainly is a keyhole.  He'd suggest bringing people around the hair-pin with rope, but there's no where, really, to stand on the other side of the hairpin.  he tried to hammer a spike into the limestone (you would have heard the banging), but it cracked and broke apart as he did it.

Still, that seems to be the only obstacle remaining.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Falfysson's Advice

Falfysson gives his minks commands to "Fault!" and to "Cut!" - whereupon the minks cease to snarl and hiss at the party.

With the minks and Falfysson leading the way, the party following behind, and the dwarves (a little concerned about the trustworthiness of this new "ally") taking up the rear, complacent and expressing themselves in no more than long looks of doubt, pass through the door at the top of the hall.

This door opens directly into a mostly verticle cavern, filled with magnificent stalactites, many of them 20 foot spears, no more than six to eight inches wide, draping from the ceiling.  The magnificent space is like the third part of a corkscrew - turning 120 degrees as it ascends up at least 300 feet - it is perhaps, at its widest, 100 feet in diameter.  There is a great bonfire burning some 50 feet horizontally, and 40 feet vertically, up and above you.  This fire lights the whole cavern.

A path follows the left side wall from the door, ten feet wide.  You might guess the path leads to the fire, but you cannot see all of its route.  The path does, right by the door where you enter, overlook a deep, black hole on the party's right, 30 feet across.  Falfysson releases his minks, and both plunge into the blackness - the splash of water proves that the hole is a well.  Upon closer examination you can barely detect a surface some twelve, perhaps fifteen feet down.  This well is the bottom of the cavern; there are no flat surfaces except for the path and the platform above you where the fire is.  All else is the verticle walls of the cavern, sloped anywhere from 45 to 90 degrees, the latter particularly true of the heights at the very top.

Above and beyond the fire, you can perceive some 20 feet of stairwell that winds along the wall, nearly 200 feet up the side of the cavern.  It has a sheer drop of 90 feet, onto pointed stalagmites below.

Falfysson leads you steadily to the fire - he warns you to watch your step, to stay on the path and to beware of dark places.  "There are holes all about, that you would not see until you fell to your deaths," he says.  "The stone off the path will give without warning, so do not trust it, and take care of places where water has made the rock slippery."

He leads you as far as the fire, where there is a small stone cave.  The fire, you can see, seems to burn from a cleft in the rock itself, though it has fueled with coal as well.  A massive pile of a ton and a half of coal, with a shovel, fills a crevice close by the fire.

Falfysson provides a key, then shows you the way to the bottom of the stairs that will take you to the Stinger's Tower.  "I will not go with you," he says.  "I will feed my minks and slip out from the passages a way that only I know.  At the top of the stairs you will find a door - open it silently, for there are men-at-arms in the tower."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Janos Gets His Cards

Here is the list of Janos' Cards:

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Dwarven Hall, Round 1

When Htuya and Aruth finish knocking down the door (unmolested), they step back and let Ahmet forward to look.  This is what Ahmet sees:

We must go through this carefully.  First, this is a long hall, 70 feet long and 20 feet wide.  There are wall sconces and the whole room is very well lit. 

The red on the floor indicates the degree of slope; the darker the red, the further down the slope.  There are two lines across the middle of the room.  If the player moves from left to right over either line, it costs a movement point.  If the player moves from right to left over that line, it costs NO movement points.

At the top of the hall is a dwarf.  He is also carrying a crossbow.  In his other hand are two chains, that lead to the leashes of the two minks next to him.  When he reaches to fire the crossbow at Ahmet, he will let go of the minks.

If Ahmet wants to fire first at the dwarf, he will have to roll a d6 for initiative.  No other action can be taken by ANYONE until initiative is rolled.

Behind Ahmet, and the small bit of the kobald lair depicted on this map, are all the other dwarves.  The small blue figure cut off in the bottom left corner is Lukas.

Have fun.

Ahmet points out that he's owed this card:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Door

Apart from establishing a new post, there's not much to say.  The dwarves who skedaddled make their apologies, the kobald bodies continue to be policed.  The dragon closes itself in, so that the three entrances become filled with frosted ice.  The outside surface of this ice begins to melt - the dragon isn't able to keep its den closed all the time, as it is warm enough in the storeroom to melt whatever the dragon creates.  But the ice should last for a few hours.

It is gobbling kobalds and drinking beer - though you can only hear it.  Thankfully, its not something you can see.

There's nothing to describe now except a door.  It is 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  It looks heavy; there's no evident lock, but the door may be barricaded on the inside.  If so, the dwarves should be able to tear it apart with their picks in about five to ten minutes, depending on how much water is in the wood.

What do you wish to do?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Moment Before the Dragon

As best I can guess, here is the position of the party:

First of all, Ahmet has the crossbow, as suggested.  He has a clear sight on the dragon.  He does not need to make a save vs. fear.  Though he does have the crossbow, the dragon is watching him and the others and initiative will still have to be rolled before the party can attack.  (when Ahmet stands up behind the sacks to fire, the dragon may attack first.

Everyone in the party except for Ahmet, Andrej and Frith will need to roll a d20 at the outset.  At the moment, the fact that you're not fighting is keeping those dwarves who already feel terror from simply running off (though the book says the "sight of the dragon" is enough, I'm willing to stretch that to the dragon appearing confrontation - which this dragon isn't, right now).

Andrej, Worter has agreed to throw flaming oil with you.  Worter cannot, at the moment, see the dragon, but Andrej can.  The dragons range at the moment will incur a -2 to hit.  A flask of oil's range is 1-3hexes (close), 4-6 hexes (medium) and 7-9 hexes (long).  I've put Janos behind Andrej.

The other dwarves are lined up to slide down the slopes to the dragon.  Remember that these are 12 foot high slopes, about 60 degrees, but they are covered in ice and you will slide easily.  Also remember that ALL movements on the blue level will demand a dexterity check, and failure indicates you've slipped and fallen.  You can throw anything 2 lbs. or less from a prone position on the ice, but you must take a round to stand up before you can attack with weapons.  It takes a round because it is sheer ice and as such it is slippery.  I will let you attack while laying on your back if the creature is directly above you.

Dragons have all sorts of attacks, so don't be certain you know everything there is to know about them.

For this post, I'll ask that you keep your "color" comments to a minimum, and keep to short sentences describing your exact actions and positions.  There's a lot of detail to be exact about.  Please continue to make casual comments on the previous post - I'll be watching both.  I suggest you do the same.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sorting Out Strategy

It is almost certainly a dragon.  The yellow shading in the dragon's den indicates the hole in the roof.  I have made white the names of the dwarves for the present; I have not placed the party in any location.  For the moment, examine the layout and tell me where you are.
I'm moving the discussion one post forward to avoid the comments hitting above the 200 mark; anytime a post passes 100 comments, I'll be looking to reinvoke it here.

A few points:  Could the members of the party please update their experience  on their characters, if they haven't done so already.

I believe that Lukas is up a level, with the last pile of experience.  Could Lukas please confirm.

Frith is reasonable about blocking the door.  He has several spikes, and he can spike the door against attacks.  He'll leave Htuya, Wedth and Vala at the door, with Odval to command them.

Some discussion of who is carrying what equipment, who has what in their hands at the beginning, who is standing next to whom.  Zoft will be casting his last spell, Bless, upon those he can affect.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Contact Status

I wanted to write and say that I'm having computer troubles at home.  The computer that uses and processes my email is, at the moment, a large brick sitting on my desk.  It probably has some value or use as a brick, but I am waiting to see if it could be repaired so as to become a computer again.

In the meantime - Supernal Clarity was going to start a character.  I haven't been able to contact him, so I hope he catches this post.

If you want to start, give me the link to your character, and I will introduce you into the campaign.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Below the Stairs

The grey hexes still representing a 12 foot slope, the party at the edge of the view can see a grouping of barrels - 2603 - and buckets of pitch - 2802 & 2803.  There are no signs of any kobalds, nor any sounds.

Frith, overlooking the scene with the party, informs you that he's under orders to split the plunder that you find.  He and his group have shares of the overall plunder taken from the entire castle, so they cannot "keep" what they find, in good conscience.  But the party has been offered no shares, so what you find and do not split with the dwarves, you keep.

Kobalds Round 31: Last Gasp

Two kobalds who can attack.
There are only two attacks against the party.  The kobald in 3202 attacks Htuya.  He hits for 4 damage, which stuns her.

The kobald in 3502 attacks Ahmet (who doesn't have to worry about 3701 for several seconds, and is therefore not flanked).  It misses with a 17.


Kobalds Round 30: A Feeble Defense

Before the kobalds attack.
The kobalds haven't got much left; there are only three effective fighters this round.  The kobalds in 3103 attack Htuya and Salth.  Both miss.

The striped kobald in 3602 attacks Ahmet.  He hits AC 4, bouncing off Ahmet's armor - but he misses doing damage.

The kobald in 3302 finishes running up the stairs, where he grabs a sword from one of the bodies.

Here's the position (with additional space that Ahmet can see).  There is nothing but wall behind the hut in 3501.  The brown at the top of the stairs in 3701 is a large reinforced door.