Monday, April 30, 2012

Kobalds Round 29: The Kobald Last Stand

Before the kobalds attack.
The kobalds are clearly suffering.  3203 attacks Mega, dropping its sword in Mega's hex.  The creature turns and flees up the steps.

A kobald leaps off the hut, and joins the kobald from 3102.  Both move to 3103 and attack Htuya.  Both miss.

The kobald in 3502 fires its bow at Warth, hitting and causing 2 damage.  This does not stun Warth.

The big, striped kobald in 3402 moves to 3602 and fires at Warth from close range.  He rolls a 19 and hits, causing 2 damage.  It's not much, but it's the straw that breaks Warth, stunning the dwarf.  He falls back into the hex with Ahmet.

Here are the present positions:

Kobalds Round 28: The Kobalds Abandon Missile Weapons

Before the kobalds attack.
The number of kobalds is distinctly declining.  The bowkobalds on 3103 fire their bows at Seth: one hits for 4 damage and stuns him - he stumbles back into the hex with Andrej, fouling him.  Both bowmen pull swords this round, rather than choosing to reload.

The bowmen around hut 3202 would be reloading this round, but they pull swords as well.  One moves into hex 3203 and attacks Mega.  It misses.

The orange spackled kobald in 3203 moves forward and attacks Htuya.  He misses.

The sword in 3604 attacks Warth, and misses.

The three remaining bowmen in 3402 and 3502 load this round.

That is all the kobalds have.  Here is the position for the party's move:

Here is an updated map showing fixes, plus Warth's attack and movement:

Kobalds Round 27: Signs of Weakness

Before the kobalds attack.
The bowmen on the hut of 3103 are loading; all others are firing.  The bows on and off the hut at 3202 fire at Salth and Zoft - I roll a natural 20 on Salth, hitting him for 4 damage total.  That's enough to stun him, and he staggers back into the hex with Seth.  Zoft (and Mega) are unhit.

The bowmen in 3502 and 3602 fire at Warth, seeing him push his way into the front.  One hits for 3 damage.  Warth isn't stunned.

The white striped kobald fires at Andrej.  He manages to just hit AC 2 - his arrow careens off Andrej's shield, causing no damage.

The kobald swords attack.  The kobald in 3103 steps forward and attacks Andrej from the rear, gaining a +1 to hit; he succeeds in landing his blow, just, and Andrej takes 3 damage.

The kobald in 3404 runs into 3405, grabs his sword and attacks Ahmet.  He rolls a natural 20, hitting AC 0.  (GCI: for a 20 to be "critical," it must be 2 or more above the number needed to hit.  The kobald here needs a 19 to hit Ahmet, so the 20 isn't double-damage; those times in this combat when I have doubled the damage on either Ahmet or Andrej, it was because the kobald got a bonus +1 for position or personal strength.  There's no bonus here, so the damage is not doubled).  Ahmet takes 1 damage.

The kobald in 3203 attacks Zoft, hitting and causing 5 damage.  Zoft doesn't have the hit points and is stunned, falling back into 3404.

Finally, Warth is attacked from 3604.  He's hit for 1 damage.  This doesn't stun him.

Here is the position after the kobalds attack:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Kobalds Round 26: Back and Forth, Back and Forth

Before the kobalds attack.
Only two bowmen fire this round - those on the hut at 3103.  They fire at Mega and Ermeth.  Mega is hit for 3 damage, stunning her again.  Ermeth is missed.

All other kobalds with bows are loading.

Kobalds at 3103 and 3203 attack Ermeth.  Both hit!  Ermeth takes 4 damage, then 4 more ... at -2 hit points, Ermeth remains in 3204.

The kobald in 3404 attacks Mega.  It drops, does not break its weapon ... the weapon ends in hex 3405.

The kobald in 3405 attacks Andrej.  It misses.

Warth is attacked by kobalds in 3406 and 3504.  The latter hits, causing 1 damage.  Warth is not stunned.

This completes the kobald attack.  The battle looks like this:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kobalds Round 25: A Brutal Affair

Before the kobald attack.
Beginning again with arrow shots:

The two on Hut 3103 are loading, but the two by 3202 (one on the hut, one on the ground) both fire at Vala.  One hit for three points, stunning Vala (all the dwarves are getting low on hit points).  Vala can't stumble back towards 3205, because there are two dwarves there, so she remains in 3204.

The kobalds in 3502 fire at Mega and Ermeth.  Mega is hit, taking 2 damage.  Mega was seriously hit by the otyugh, and she's also stunned.

The striped bowkobald in 3402 seems to be quite intelligent.  His bow is larger, and he uses it to shoot at Andrej.  The bow slips in his grasp (rolled a 2), and he unfortunately hits the kobald next to Batath, struggling with Lukas' charmed kobald.  The hit kobald dies.  The charmed kobald leaps into 3408 and fouls his compatriot's attack against Ganzor before Lukas' spell ends.  Batath is astounded to find himself alone on the hut.

The bowkobalds on the right in 3604 fires at Andrej, missing, before backing up the stairs.

The other two bowkobalds, in 3504 and 3604, shoot at Frith before drawing swords and defending themselves. The latter hits Frith with a 20 critical, which does 8 damage.  Frith is stunned, but Warth and Culf support him - so he does not fall down the stairs.

One kobald attacks Frith with a sword, missing.

Andrej is attacked from 3404 and 3405.  Both miss.

Vala is attacked from 3103 and 3203.   She is unfortunately hit twice, the first another natural 20, for double damage.  Vala takes 8 damage, then 4 damage - maximum.  She drops into negative hit points, falling onto her knees, but manages to stay conscious.

After all this, here are the results:

Kobalds Round 24: Andrej Leads the Way

Before the kobalds attack.
Beginning with bows.  Those on the hut at 3405 fire into Vala and Batath.  Both miss.  They draw swords and proceed to defend the hut.

Andrej has stepped into the line of sight for two previously unseen bowmen above 3103, and they fire at him.  They're +1 to hit for range, and one hits Andrej for 1 damage (that won't stun).

The bowman in 3203 backs up, and it and all the other bowmen are loading this round.

Ermeth is attacked by the kobald in front of him and the orange spackled kobald that descends from the stairs at 3302.  Both these kobalds hit - Ermeth takes one damage from the first, and 3 damage from the orange, tougher kobald.  Ermeth is stunned and falls back into the hex with Batath.

The orange kobald to Andrej's left was stunned (I forgot to note it) and doesn't attack.  Andrej is attacked by the kobald in 3404 and the tough kobald in 3504.  Both kobalds miss.

The kobald in 3406 attacks Odval.  It hits and causes 4 damage.  Odval tumbles back, stunned.

Frith is attacked twice and missed.

This will leave the final position at this:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kobalds Round 23: Kobalds Frolicking

Before the kobalds attack.
The kobalds in 3505 both attack Frith.  The orange misses, and uses his two movement to slip into hex 3406 to block Odval.  The other kobald hits for 1 damage.  The kobald in 3405 moves forward and attacks as well, but misses.  Frith is not stunned.

Andrej is attacked by 3204 and both in 3304.  3204 drops his sword into his same hex, not breaking it.  3304 rolls a 19 and hits AC 1.  Andrej takes 3 damage.

The kobalds on the hut of 3405 load their weapons.  The kobald bowmen of 3504 and 3502 all four shoot at Frith.  Frith is hit once for 4 damage, but still is not stunned.

The kobald bowmen in 3202 (who he can see now, though I've cut it off the image - it's there below) , 3404, 3303 and 3402 (the white striped one) fire at Andrej.  They all miss.

The bowmen on the pink level retreat (2 moves) after firing.  The final appearance before the party's move is thus:

Kobalds Round 22: Everyone Misses Everywhere

Before the kobald attack.
Andrej is attacked by kobalds in 3205.  Both miss - though clearly the one in the orange jersey is the more dangerous.

The two kobalds in 3505 attack Frith.  They both miss, also.

Kobalds with bows everywhere are reloading - except the two who leapt onto the roof in 3405 - they fire this round.  One fires at Andrej and one at Frith.  Both miss.  Sigh.  Some bowmen on the pink level draw back as they load.  Kobald swordsmen take their place.

The round moves to the player's turn looking like this:

Andrej, Ahmet and Lukas are free to move.  Lukas, although you are at zero hit points, you're as capable of any activity as ever.  You don't start to notice ill effects until you drop below zero.

Kobalds Round 21 (Part B): The Kobalds Attack

There's a frenzy of movement.  Kobalds rush into 3205, 3305, 3406 and 3405 with javelins, hurling them at Andrej, Salth, Erdina and Frith.  Andrej is hit once for 4 damage; Salth and Erdina are missed, and Frith is hit for 1 damage.

Bowmen at 3504, 3502, 3204, 3304 and 3402 shoot at the visible Ahmet and Lukas.

Ahmet is hit once with a natural 20 (double damage) and a second arrow by the fellow in the white stripes.  He takes 2 points of damage with the first hit, and 3 hit points with the second.  I'm sure one of those stuns him.

I hit Lukas 3 times.  He takes 3 damage, 2 damage and then 3 damage, in sequence ... I'm sure he is quite stunned also.  Both Lukas and Ahmet must roll a d20 against their dexterity (dex checkj).

That is the kobald round.  Andrej, I think, is the only one who can make a move:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kobalds Round 21: Ahmet & Lukas See Another Level

And so is revealed the fourth level above the first:

The first thing that has to be determined is the initiative - who is to strike first.  The kobalds will try to attack Lukas and Ahmet if they can (both of them being quite visible) before the dwarves can storm the stairs. 

Please, lets have Lukas roll a d6 for initiative, and we'll play out this entire round in the comments section.

Kobalds Round 20: Now?

There's little to describe.  The dwarves ready for a rush - there's no telling if Frith will heed Andrej's call not to attack yet.  But here are the positions:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kobalds Round 19: One More Rush

Frith give the order that anyone needing to use a salve should do so - and that the dwarves should order themselves so that anyone injured should move to the back, and that those newer recruits shouldn't overextend themselves.  Warth retains his pick.

Ahmet gets as far as 3108 (remembering its hard to climb those tiny kobald-sized stairs).  Lukas drifts behind the dwarves, and behind him Klaas gingerly makes his way up the stairs.

Andrej can see the heads of two kobalds (and their swords) just ahead of him.  I also want to make the point that Andrej can feel a definite chill upon climbing even a few of these stairs - not in the air, but upon the stones themselves.

Frith and crew ready to storm the stairs.

Kobalds Round 18: Have We Won?

Nerga attacks the last kobald on the level, hitting and killing it.  The remaining dwarves flow up onto the level, wary of the ledge above them ... and with that, there is no counterattack by the kobalds.

At this point in the combat, initiative determination has been lost.  When the next attack occurs - which may be the very next round - who attacks first will need to be re-determined.

Removing Lukas' view, and opening up all that the dwarves can see as well as the party, here's how things look:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kobalds Round 17: The Level Is Gained

Warth draws out a dagger and attacks with it.  He hits once, stunning the kobald, not quite killing it.  He pulls back to 3410 (no penalty moving away from the combat if the enemy is stunned) and picks up the hand axe there.

Palt moves to 3209 and attacks the kobald, missing.  Frith drops back, picks up the axe in 3109 and throws it at the kobald in 3208.  He hits and the kobald dies.

Batath attacks 3007 and misses; Ermeth moves, attacks the same kobald and hits, killing it.  Ermeth moves over the body and engages the kobald in 3006 (that is, threatens him), but can't attack again.

Dwarves swarm up onto the yellow level.

There is little the kobalds can do to fight back.  The two kobalds on the hut fire at Kushi, where the pile of dwarves is thickest.  Both kobalds manage to hit AC 0 and AC 1 (with the +2 bonus) and Kushi takes two arrows for 3 and 4 damage.  He is most definitely stunned.  Both kobalds, upon firing, leap off the back side of the hut and disappear out of sight.

The single able kobald in 3006 attacks Andrej.  He misses, and nimbly backs up to the stairs in 3109.

As things stand:

Kobalds Round 16: The Kobalds Withdraw Again

The dwarves continue the fight:

Warth attacks 3309, hitting and killing the kobald there.  He has a movement of three left (attack cost halved since he gets two attacks against minor kobalds a round), so he moves to 3409 and attacks that kobald ... unfortunately dropping his military pick in the process.  The pick does not break.  The pick lands back in 3309 - Warth has no axe and no pick at the moment.

Palt moves to 3108 and attacks 3208, missing.  That's unfortunate, as Frith climbs the stairs and the two of them together in that hex fouls the forward movement of the lower dwarves.

Batath attacks the kobald in 3007, missing.

The dwarves at the bottom of the stairs sort themselves out.

Before the kobalds attack.

The kobalds fight back:

The kobald in 3509 drops its bow, pulls a blade and attacks Warth.  He misses.

The kobald in 3208 attacks Palt, with +2 to hit (due to Frith being in the hex).   That kobald also misses.

Finally, the kobald in 3007 attacks Batath - it hits Batath for 1 point of damage.  Batath is not stunned.

The kobalds on the ledge above, those with bows, withdraw - only those atop the hut in 3406 remain and reload their weapons.

That is their round, and the battle looks like this:

Andrej - Batath will shout that he has the kobald in 3007, and will engage him at once - thus, you won't have to defend yourself against that kobald, and there won't be any movement penalty for moving out of 3107 (will only cost 1 MP).

Lukas - you can see only the top of the kobald in 3509 - Warth is in the way, and the kobald's height means that you'd need a natural 20 to hit it.  FYI.  You can see the kobald in 3208, but you can also see that Palt is moving to 3209 and attacking it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kobalds Round 15: The Dwarves Bash Their Way Up

Andrej takes his position at 3107.  At the same time, Warth climbs the stairs and gets two attacks against the kobalds in 3209.  He hits twice - the second roll is a critical.  Both kobalds are killed and Warth moves into hex 3209.  (take note - if Warth had a three movement, and not a four, he wouldn't have enough gas to move that last hex).

Ermeth quickly mounts the stairs (3 moves) and still has one move left, which is all he needs to attack a 1 HD creature - he hits the right kobald in 3208 and kills him.

Wedth can't move, but Odval grabs him and pulls him back onto the pyramid (in an effort to clear that hex) - whereupon the pyramid unfortunately falls apart.  Odval and Wedth end up hugging the slope in 2908.

Batath jumps in front of Palt and uses his body as a shield to take attacks from the kobalds - Batath doesn't have enough move to attack.

Meanwhile, dwarves swarm up the stairs (Ahmet is applying a salve).

(sure looks messy)

The kobalds attack back:

Before the kobalds attack.

Eight kobald bowmen unleash their arrows straight at Andrej - the two on the stairs at point blank range.  And this is freaky - ALL miss.  (die rolls 11, 3, 4, 3, 10, 11, 4, 10).

The one kobald on the roof that Lukas can see, whose compatriot Lukas killed with two darts, shoots at the mage:  he hits, causing 1 damage with a small kobald arrow.

The bowmen on the stairs, and elsewhere, move back.  The one on the hut leaps off.

The single kobald in 3309 attacks Warth, missing.

The kobalds in 3208 and 3109 attack Ermeth.  The latter rolls a natural 20, and delivers 4 points of damage.  This stuns Ermeth, causing him to stagger into Andrej's hex and thus foul the cleric.  The kobald moves to desperately hold the top of the stairs.  (fanatic, these kobalds)

Prior to that, however, Andrej is attacked by the orange jersey'd kobald in 3007 - who of course misses.

The last kobald in 3007 swings at Batath, missing.

That is the end of the round.  Andrej's will need to move out of the hex before he can attack - and it will cost 2 MP to enter 3106.  It will take only 1 MP to move into 3207 (number can't be seen).

Here is the present position:

Kobalds Round 14: The Kobalds Knock 'em Back

I'm going to start saving the image until after the text.  I'm sorry if this has been confusing up to now.  There have been no complaints, but I think this will work a bit better.

Lukas kills his target and Andrej misses, and Ahmet receives 6 hp from Zoft's light cure spell.  The rest of the dwarves attack.

Palt rolls a natural 20 against the left kobald in 3007 and cleaves him in half (causes 12 damage).  Palt forces the other kobald back and enters that hex.  Wedth climbs to the top and attacks the right kobald in 3107, missing.

Batath makes his way successfully along the wall, like a spider, while Odval climbs to the top of the pyramid.  Ermeth steps to the bottom of the stairs and throws his axe agains the kobald in 3109, hitting with a glancing blow, but not killing.  The kobald is stunned and the axe bounces against the hut and breaks.

The remaining dwarves wait impatiently for Andrej to clear the top of the stairs.

The kobalds fight back.

The nine remaining bowmen load this round.  The remaining kobald line is steadily thinning:

Before the kobald attack.
Andrej is attacked four times, from 3209 and 3208 (no flanking attacks).  Wedth, only once, from 3107, and Palt is attacked from 3006 and 3106.

The kobalds miss Andrej entirely.  The one on Wedth hits, causing 3 damage - this unfortunately stuns Wedth.  He makes a dexterity check and does not stumble and fall back down the slope.

Palt is hit hard by the kobald in the orange jersey - he takes 6 damage, and this stuns him, too.  He staggers back into the hex with Wedth, and the kobalds press in.

The party may take action from here:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Kobalds Round 13: Andrej's Luck

The dwarves complete their attack.

Palt swings at a kobald in 3008 and hits, killing it.  He drives the other back to 3007, while Palt enters 3008.  Wedth climbs up the pyramid behind him.

Meanwhile, Batath literally climbs up next to the pyramid, clinging to the corner of 2907 & 2808.  Warth releases Ahmet and climbs the stairs next to Andrej, throwing an axe point blank at the left kobald in 3209.  This hits and doesn't quite kill the kobald.

Htuya throws an axe at the kobald in 3109; she misses and the axe winds up in 3410.  Odval also throws an axe, and misses, and that ax winds up in 3508.

Frith continues to marshal the dwarves, keeping them organized, letting two more up the stairs.  Zoft moves forward five feet towards Ahmet, casting a spell.

The kobalds fight back:

Position as the kobalds attack Palt, Andrej and Warth.
Nine bowmen release arrows (Lukas reduced the number) - two at Palt, three at Warth and four at Andrej.  Palt is hit for 1 damage (not stunned).  Warth is missed completely.  Andrej leads a distinctly charmed life, as one of the kobald arrows goes through the head of the right kobald in 3208 (killing him) and another stuns the kobald in 3109.  Otherwise, the arrows miss Andrej.

The kobalds in 3007 and 3107 all three attack Palt; the remaining two, in 3208 and 3209  (the others stunned) attack Andrej.  Palt is completely missed.  Andrej is also missed.

This makes for the party's turn.

Kobalds Round 12: Ahmet Gets a Visit from the Smack Fairy

As Ahmet and Andrej climb the stairs, the dwarves reorganize themselves.  Palt climbs to the top of the pyramid, and Warth clears the bottom of the stairs for freer movement.  None of the dwarves are able to attack this round (only Lukas and Ahmet were able to see any kobalds).

The kobalds will fight back.

The bowmen all reload.  Those two on the yellow level will be moving back up the stairs.  The kobald swordsmen will rush forward.

Palt will be attacked by one kobald, who succeeds in hitting him for 2 damage.  Palt is not stunned.

Ahmet finds himself surrounded by 8 kobald attackers:

The two in 3008 and 3109 both gain a +1 bonus for flanking him.  Ahmet is missed by them, then hit by the kobald in 3208 in the orange and brown jersey, and takes 3 damage.  Then Ahmet proceeds to have a bad day:  he's hit by both kobalds in 3107, and the right kobald in 3209 scores a natural 20 for double damage.  He takes, in order, 2 damage, then 4 damage, then 6 damage ... I think the last one might have stunned him (if Ahmet has 24 hit points or less after taking the first three of four hits.  I have it that Ahmet has taken 29 damage since the start of this.

Ahmet being stunned, he is driven back down the stairs, bypassed by Andrej and more or less caught by Warth, all the way down to 2909.  Two kobalds do move into the hex at 3108, so Andrej will have to attack from his place on the stairs.

The kobalds finish their attack and the party can move.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kobalds Round 11: Ahmet Leads the Charge

As I said in the last post, Nerga rushes up behind Ahmet.  Andrej has dropped down into hex 2910 to complete the casting of his spell.  Ermeth falls back and is replaced by Wedth and Htuya.  Kushi, Erdina and Vala begin forming a pyramid under Warth's direction, to enable Palt to climb to hex 3008.

Lukas gets a good view of the next level - but while Ahmet can see the pink spaces, thes are obscured from Lukas by the wall at 2808.  I've added a layer of transparent grey to cover what Lukas  can't see.

Batath and Frith climb the stairs, and Frith orders that no more should climb up on the orange level until hearing different.  The others wait.  Klaas choses to come forward as it grows more distant for him.

The kobalds fight back.

10 loaded bowmen, 3205, 3305, 3406, 3410, 3509, 3107 and 3007 (check last round image) loose into Ahmet as he appears on the stairs.  Ahmet is AC 1 (with large shield +1 vs missiles) towards 60 degrees of his attackers - his best angle enables that +1 against 8 of the kobald bowmen.  They are all +2 to hit because Ahmet is not alone in the hex (but it means if they hit within two points the arrows hit Nerga and not Ahmet).

The total effect of this?  One arrow hits Ahmet for 3 damage.  The bowmen from 3007 and 3107 both back up into 3006 and 3106.

The kobalds have also readied javelins, but these are not thrown.  Two kobalds, step forward and attack; Ahmet realizes quickly that these are both quite skilled fighters.  The one on the right hits Ahmet for 5 points of damage.

I don't believe the 3, nor the 5, stuns Ahmet.

This is the kobald's round.

Do what you can.  Andrej's spell has been cast, and Andrej can discharge it this round if he wishes.

Ahmet gets only one attack against either of the two kobalds in front of him.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kobalds Round 10: A Lull

The party sorts itself out while standing on a carpet of dead kobald bodies.  Ermeth attacks the kobald above him, hits it twice and kills it, then backs down the stairs before he can be riddled again with arrows.  Since Andrej is out of moves, and a planned pyramid is collapsed, Ahmet finds the only place he can go is in the hex with Warth (he will have to switch next time with Andrej, as Ermeth has taken that place).

The remaining dwarves swarm up onto the orange level, where the space gets fairly tight. 

Culf and Nerga, who have room, each hurl an axe (Nerga hurls the one that he finds on the ground under his feet).  They manage to kill both kobalds in hex 3008.

The line of sight on the higher cave has been temporarily lost.

The kobalds DO NOT fight back.  The one kobald in 3109 draws back, and a temporary stand-off commences.  The party can hear the rattling and shouting of kobalds up and beyond the ledge.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kobalds Round 9: There's More?

Andrej can see a part of the yellow level, at the top of the stairs above orange, and a part of the pink level above yellow.  He can see two bowmen on the highest level.  Andrej can see the bowmen loading, and realizes he could be a target next round, as well as Ermeth.

The Dwarves attack for the rest of round 8.

Ermeth finds one of the two kobalds is tougher than he realized, and rather than getting two attacks, gets only one against him.  But Ermeth does hit, and the stronger kobald is stunned and staggers back (Ermeth can see him, but the party can't). The other kobald blocks Ermeth's way, and Ermeth cannot climb the stairs.  Other dwarves remain piled up behind him.

Zoft attacks the kobald Ahmet missed, gaining a +1 to hit from flanking.  Zoft misses.  Kushi completes climbing the stairs, attacks the same kobald and kills him.  Kushi moves into that hex.  Other dwarves move up the stairs.

Aruth climbs onto the house next to Andrej.  Aruth isn't tall enough to see what Andrej sees.

Frith and Mega drop to the bottom level.

The kobalds fight back.

The bowmen who were in 3008 drop back, loading.  The others in 3205 are loading.  Two kobald swordsmen move forward to occupy 3008.

(Don't worry that a lot of this isn't exactly clear - it isn't directly affecting the party).

The kobald that was stunned by Ermeth has its place taken by another, and both attack Ermeth.  Neither hits.

This ends the kobald's round.

Ahmet, you're somewhat jammed in now; Warth shouts at you to start a pyramid up to 3008, to bypass the stairs.  Lukas and Andrej, whatever you're able to do.

Kobalds Round 8: Charging the Stairs

The Dwarves attack for the rest of round 7.

Nerga succeeds in killing the other kobald on the roof and jumps down into hex 2910 (number not visible).  Ermeth attacks the kobald in 2909 and kills it, leaving him 3 movement to start up the stairs.

The other dwarves swarm up after him, and Zoft can't stand in their way to kill the sleeping kobald in 2710.  Htuya accidentally kicks it as she rushes by, and the kobald wakes up (won't take any action at this time, and can't block those moving forward).  Lukas will reach the top of the stairs and find himself in the same hex as the groggy kobald.

Aruth climbs up beside Andrej, while Salth and Balther sort themselves out below.  Others are jammed up at the bottom of the stairs.

Frith and Mega finish off the last two sleeping kobalds (FYI - Lukas got half experience per hit point of a killed sleeping kobald throughout all of this - 5 x.p. per hit point, as he contributed largely to their death).  Frith climbs on the top of the battlement, being faster than Mega, where he can see the battle.  Batath slides to the floor of the bottom room.

The kobalds fight back.

The bowmen in 3008 unleash into Ermeth, both missing.  However, a flurry of arrows fly from beyond what any member of the party can see - Ermeth is hit five times ... for 2, 1, 3, 1 and 2 damage.  Despite this, the various arrows bounce off his helmet or his armor, none sinking into flesh - and amazingly, Ermeth is NOT stunned.

The kobald in 3108 attacks Ermeth next, and misses.  He's joined by another kobald who comes out into view, who also misses.  Ermeth is leading a charmed life.

The kobald in 3109 throws a javelin at Erdina and hits, causing 4 damage.  This stuns the dwarf.  Erdina would normally stagger back, but she is supported by Htuya.

BOTH kobalds leap off the roof at Ahmet (they've watched many of their companions die by Ahmet's blade).  They both miss doing damage, and Ahmet throws them off into hexes 2709 and 2710.

That is the kobald's turn.

Lukas is in position to attack the kobald in 2710 (at +2 to hit, due to grogginess).  Ahmet's course of action is obvious.  Andrej can take whatever action he deems appropriate.

Kobalds Round 7: We're Slogging Now

The Dwarves attack for the remainder of round 6.

Nerga climbs on the roof and destroys the first sleeping kobald.  Ermeth swings twice, and kills both kobalds in 2810.  He wades forward into the hex.  Zoft finishes climbing the stairs and kills the first of the two kobalds in 2710.  Erdina climbs the stairs and moves into hex 2811.  Dead kobalds litter the floor.

Htuya and Wedth climb the stairs.  Warth finishes a second salve, given to him by Worter, and gains back 4 hp.  Warth moves to the bottom of the stairs.

Frith kills the kobald in 2716 and moves to 2515.  Batath kills the second kobald in 2415, retains Zoft's hammer and swings himself back over the battlement - Frith and Mega (who moves over behind Frith) can handle the others.

Kushi, Odval and Vala press themselves towards the stairs, moving around Lukas.  Seth, culf and Palt break the pyramid and sort themselves out. 

The kobalds suffer under the sleep spell for the 2nd round.  They fight back.

The bowmen on the roof of 2609 both fire at Ahmet at point blank - both missing.  Rather than reloading, they pull swords, and move beyond range of Ahmet's scimitar.  The two bowmen in 3008 reload.

The kobalds in 2909 each attack Ermeth.  One kobald hits the dwarf, and Ermeth takes 3 damage.  It does not stun.

This, shockingly, is the kobald's round.  Lukas' spell most effectly eliminated the initial resistance.

This round:

Aruth shouts at Andrej to help him up.  The small bit of oil still burning isn't dangerous.

I think the party is getting the general idea of how to go about this, but as ever, ask questions.  I think I should say at this time that Ahmet can see the cavern roof above him extends up and beyond the bowmen in hex 3008, at least a good 60 feet.  The map is black beneath that roof because Ahmet cannot see the cavern floor - but clearly what's depicted is not the whole lair.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kobalds Round 6: Lukas Knocks 'em Flat

Kobalds with a green symbol are sleeping.  The Dwarves attack for the remainder of round 5.

Warth is caught by Erdina, who helps him back.  Zoft starts up the stairs behind Ermeth, who climbs to the top and attacks 2811, standing over the two sleeping kobalds.  Ermeth attacks twice and misses both times.

Ganzor and Worter both have healing salves ready - Ganzor is able to give his to Warth immediately; Warth swallows it and regains 3 hp.  Erdina leaves Warth in Ganzor's care and moves up behind Zoft.  Htuya moves up with Erdina.

Nerga climbs up next to the fire and begins to climb his way onto the hut, where there are now two sleeping kobalds.  Aruth, Balther and Salth retain their pyramid and shout at Andrej to climb up over them, as soon as he gets the opportunity.

Frith and Balther both leap into the battlement on the bottom of the room.  Frith has time to attack the fire-damaged kobald in 2716, but only succeeds in a glancing blow on the body.  The kobald has just enough time to open its eyes this round before Frith attacks again (see next post).

Batath climbs to the top, leaps over the battlement, and manages to slash the throat of one kobald in 2415.  Mega climbs up on the shoulders of Seth and the others.  Meanwhile, Vala, Kushi and Odval separate, reorganize themselves on the bottom of the slope and turn towards the other battle (Frith can handle this).

Finally, Wedth moves around to 2613.

The kobalds fight back.

The bowmen on the house of 2609 are reloading, but those two bowmen on 3008 loose into Ermeth and Ahmet.  Both succeed in hitting (rolling an 18 and a 19).  Ahmet takes 1 damage, and Ermeth takes 4.  Neither are stunned.

The kobald in 2909 moves forward on Ermeth and the other from 2809 moves forward on Ahmet.  Ahmet is missed, but the kobald in 2811 hits Ermeth for 3 more damage.  Again, Ermeth is not stunned.

Two kobalds move down the stairs from 3108 in support.  Other kobalds appear above the stairs and move down.  This is all the kobalds can do at this time.

For Round 6 actions:

Ahmet, any kobald you attack this round (awake or sleeping) requires only 1 mp.  Thus, you can attack, move, and attack - provided you either stun or kill the kobald in the hex before moving forward.  I suggest that you roll your first attack, and if you hit, let me give the result before you decide what to do with the rest of your movement.  No need to try to do it all at one time.

Andrej, with the help of the dwarves, it will take you one round to climb to hex 2911 (Nerga will have climbed onto the roof by that time).  This is assuming that is your desire.

Lukas, so suggested options at this time.