Friday, March 30, 2012

Kobalds Round 5: Warth Falls Back

The Dwarves attack for the rest of round 4.

Warth misses TWICE, again (batting .167), causing no damage.  He remains in place.  Pushing forward will only expose him further.

Ermeth moves into position behind Warth, and throws his axe at 2811.  He rolls a 20, double damage, causing six damage, killing the kobald.  Erdina follows Ermeth up the stairs.

Zoft moves away from Palt and throws a hammer at the right kobald in 2415.  He misses with a 9, and it ends up on the bastion.

Batath climbs halfway up, and Culf and Seth form a pyramid for Palt.   Mega moves towards it.  Frith, in turn, climbs up Kushi, up Vala and onto the edge of the battlement.

Nerga does the same on Aruth's shoulders - just in time to put his hand in a pool of oil burning from Andrej's flask.  Nerga takes one damage from that - but will be able to climb into hex 2911 next round.

The kobalds fight back.

Two bowmen loose into Batath, and two into Palt.  The last kobald, the one that survived being burnt, moves to attack Frith.  Palt is missed by the +2 bonus causes the arrow to hit Seth for 1 damage.  Seth is not stunned.  The tough kobald hits Frith for 4 damage - Frith is not stunned.

The two bowmen atop the nearest hut loose into the pile below Nerga - and both manage to miss that pile.  The two on the hut beyond Warth loose into Ahmet and Ermeth, respectively, missing both.  The two bowmen in 3008 (note the floor is covered yellow there, indicating that level is 12 feet above the orange level) are loading this round.

Ahmet is attacked by the fairly tough kobald in 2610 - surprisingly adept, Ahmet finds, as it manages to hit AC 4 (the blow landing on Ahmet's well placed shield, I believe - I think Ahmet is AC 3).  Warth is hit twice this round - he's hit hard, for 4 damage, then for 4 damage again.  The second hit stuns Warth, and he staggers backwards onto the stairway.  The three kobalds swarm forward (if the opponents are stunned, there is no penalty to movement - I will HAVE to write that post someday), taking advantage.

That completes Round 4.

For Round 5 actions:

Ahmet, Ermeth will be attacking upwards while Warth continues to stumble down the stairs into Erdina's arm.  Ahmet has the choice of attacking ONCE against 2610, or TWICE against 2710 - the kobalds in 2710 are less defensible.  Ahmet cannot attack the tough kobald and a weak kobald.  Whichever he decides, he will spend two movement points attacking.  I don't think you're going to run, but it is an option to jump down the slope and avoid taking damage if you make a dex check (1d4 damage if you fail).

Lukas, your sleep spell is ready.  It will affect those in concentric circles radiating outwards from your position; you are able to move 1 hex in any direction before you cast.  If you move into the hex with Worter, Andrej or the others, you risk being bumped and the spell ruined before you discharge it.  You can choose not to discharge it this round, but hold it until next round.

Andrej, no suggested options at this time.

Kobalds Round 4: Warth Gains Ground

Beginning with the remaining events of the 3rd round:

Warth overbears, to force his way up the stairs.  He hits the kobald on the right and pushes back on the kobald on the left.  He does six damage, which kills it, but this isn't enough to let him move into the hex.  Thus he forces his way to the top.  Ahmet slides into place behind him. 

Erdina throws her axe at one of the goblins on the hut roof and misses. 

Salth and Balther form the bottom of a pyramid, and Aruth climbs atop it.  Wedth makes his way up next, and Lukas finds himself standing next to Wedth.  Andrej is beside Nerga.  Klaas does not come further into the room (and we'll forget about him for awhile).

Batath throws his oil, throws it long, and it bounces onto something soft behind the wall and does not break.  He begins to climb the wall (he's a thief).

Frith organizes Kushi, Odval and Vala into another pyramid; Vala is quite quick and manages to get atop Odval's shoulders before the round ends.  Palt, Seth and Culf begin to organize themselves to make another pyramid.

Three of the kobalds who were on fire are dead; one still lives, and is batting out the fire off his arms and shoulders.  He's effectively stunned this round.

Kobald attack:

The kobald archers on the bottom wall are reloading; the kobalds climbing on the huts are loading.  The two kobald archers Warth could see last round (3008) fire at him (both miss).  Warth is also attacked by four kobalds; he determines that the kobald in the white-and-red jersey is certainly tougher and more capable than the others.  Warth is hit once by him, and also hit with a natural 20 by the right kobald in 2810.  Warth takes 4 damage, then 6 more ... Warth is not stunned.

The kobald in 2811 hurls a small dagger at Ahmet - and succeeds in hitting AC 1.  The dagger causes 3 damage.

Round Four begins:

Andrej and Lukas, the only part of the room you can see from the stair side is the hut, the kobalds on top of the hut, and the slope in front of you.  Your line of sight doesn't even let you see Ahmet.  Your actions are whatever you decide.
Ahmet, you're not close enough to swing and hit the kobald in 2811.  Warth is keeping the top of the stairs open, but you can't move to 2710 and attack 2811, because you'd be in the same hex with Warth.  You can climb and get into hex 2611, but you won't be able to attack this round because of your movement (you have to go 2710, then 2611, 2 movement points) - but doing so, you can force the fellow in 2610 to fight you instead of Warth (if you want).  Obviously, you can do whatever else you think appropriate - I only want to describe the limitations to the best of my ability.

Everyone, ask questions as necessary.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kobalds Round 3: Fire!

The image above of this post shows everything's position at the end of round 2.

Warth climbed the stairs to attack; despite having superior combat skills over the opponents, he failed to hit either time.  Ermeth climbed the bottom of the stairs after him.  The stairs are difficult to stand on - being made for kobald feet - and for future reference, any attack UP from a stair hex is done at -2 to hit due to attacking up and this tiny stair-foot size.

Ermeth moves up behind Warth.  The rest of Warth's group moves up as possible.  Salth, Balther and Aruth gather together to start their way up the slope.

Frith and Odval pitch their oil flasks at 2616 and 2716; both score nearly perfect hits, and both flasks break.  There are screams.  All four bowmen there are stunned - possibly dead.  That will take a round or two to tell.

The remainder of Frith's crew organizes themselves at the bottom of the barricade slope; Barath prepares to throw his flask of oil next round.

The kobalds then move.  Three attack Warth, and two hit; Warth takes 2 damage, then 4 damage.  He is not stunned.

Four bowmen shoot at Seth, Batath and Palt (having succeeded their morale checks, they're a little rattled, but attending to business and not rushing to save their companions).  Batath and Palt are hit, for 3 damage each.  Neither are stunned.

The party sees bowmen leap on top of the hut above Ahmet.  Warth can see a little further - I'm tempted to keep it foggy for the players, but what the hell, we'll have as open a game as possible.  Warth can see a second hut, and a few other kobalds, and part of another flight of stairs.  The shaded area is what Warth can see, as opposed to the remaining party.

This round:

Ahmet - whatever you figure you can do.

Lukas and Andrej - you're have just about a 1 foot arc of visibility of what is going on - not enough, I'm afraid, to see any of the kobalds, not even those on the hut.

Kobalds Round 2: Winning Initiative

The dwarves finish their move; Warth could climb the stairs, but he chooses to wait until Ermeth (who passes Ahmet just after the latter lets go his dagger) can back him up.  Frith holds up, likewise, so that he and Odval can throw their oil flasks together.

The remaining dwarves and characters flush into the room, splitting as they do, getting as many in as possible.  The double round is a lucky break - the party does go again at this time.

This round:

Ahmet - you'll find both Ermeth and Warth in your way, regarding climbing the stairs and attacking hand to hand this round - both will be climbing, with Warth attempting to clear the way.

Lukas and Andrej are moving forward with the remaining dwarves; remember, double speed isn't possible in the tight tunnel with so many dwarves and that double 60-degree turn.

I just await Ahmet's move, and we can move forward to the kobalds attacking.

(how do the new weapon images look?  I'm slowly replacing the picks in the dwarves' hands, and I think Andrej's maces look pretty good - though I remember he isn't holding them just now)

Kobalds Round 1: Entering the room

A few notes:

Ahmet moves slower than the dwarves, thus the space between Warth and Ahmet.  (Palt should have an axe in his hand; picture error has it laying on the floor in the hallway - I'll fix that for the next image)

Unlike the previous combat, the limitation on what can be seen here is line-of-sight; the kobalds have the room lit by torches, so everything is clearly visible.

The hexes have been color coded for "elevation"; blue hexes, those the party are on, can be considered elevation zero.  The orange hexes are 12 feet higher than the blue hexes.  Gray hexes represent the 70-degree slope.   Keep in mind that while Warth and Frith can see the stairs, Ahmet, Palt and the others cannot.

The round object in hex 2911 is the corner of a hut that can be seen.  The stairs lead up.  There are two kobalds with swords on the ledge at the top of the stairs.

The line of hexes on the bottom of the room are the battlement; the triple line represents a two-foot high stone wall, which conceals a large proportion of the kobalds.  Remember that throwing anything at the kobalds adds distance for height, so close range for a flask of oil are hexes 2513 through 2915.

The kobalds ARE surprised.  So all I need at this time is Ahmet's action, since the other party members can't be involved.  Ahmet, assume that Warth doesn't seem overly terrified by what's behind the slope (which Ahmet can't see).  Ahmet can move double-speed - in which case each hex only costs 1/2 movement point ... but at double-speed, Ahmet CAN'T make more than 1 sixty degree turn per round.  Also, try not to end in a hex where someone else is going to be.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jitters Before the Fight

This is a post designed to allow for further discussion prior to tackling the next room in the dungeon, which appears to contain kobalds.  Nothing is substantially changed from the contents of the last post.

Assaulting Lineup:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Great Cavern

Upon moving through the portal, there's a short tunnel about four feet long, that was evident from inside the cage chamber; thereafter, you find yourselves near the roof of a natural cavern that plunges on your left into an unknown depth.  The cavern is about 60 feet wide, and reflective enough that your lantern illuminates dimly the far wall.  The floor, however, you cannot see.

Along the left wall of this cavern, which seems to continue for a great distance, curving very slowly to right, is an 8 foot wide ledge, following the curve like a 'road.'  The ceiling above this ledge ranges from six to seven feet, and is worked but uneven.  The ledge road itself is smooth and in places mortared with stones and occasionally bricks.  The edge is crumbling, but was clearly at one point carefully shaped to be 90 degrees.  Thus, a cross-section would look something like this:

Not strictly to scale
Ahead, around the bend, you can hear a steady slapping, which the dwarves quickly agree is the sound of water falling on rock.  Warth gives directions that Palt should follow far behind, but keep the forward party in sight; that Vala should keep Palt in sight; and that the back party should keep Vala in sight.


What Batath drew

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Chamber of Cages

September 11, 1650 ... sometime in the late afternoon
Weather:  dank

The tunnel is not very long; Palt is able to keep the forward party in view and the dwarves standing on the dry places of the otyugh chamber in view at the same time.

The lighting in the after described room seems to come from everywhere at once; there is no light source - no torch, no lantern, no focus.  Both Andrej and Lukas can guess that the illumination derives from a continual light spell.

After some caution (assumed), the party moves into a cavern about half the size of the otyugh chamber, made larger by three cages that have been built into the walls, each of which make a space about eight feet by eighteen.  The cage doors are hanging open.  Much of the floor is damp, and in places actually muddy - everywhere that there is mud, in the cages also, there are paw prints which the forward party can fairly predict would belong to the sort of giant minks encountered by Lukas and Ahmet.

A host of broken crates suggests that the room was plundered for everything of value - that there were stores of meat here (the smell is in the air), fat, oils and quite probably pitch and plaster as well, judging from spills on the floor.  Empty, broken barrels give a hint of lager, as well.  A dwarf sniffs the floor and pronounces that the moisture that made the mud probably came from said barrels.

A steady breeze blows into the room from a portal on the opposite side, that shows blackness where the light ends.  There was apparently no door in the portal - no signs of hinges in the stone - and standing in the light makes it difficult to see more than four feet of a tunnel beyond the exit.  The portal is certainly well designed; five feet across, eight feet high, and the lintel a Roman arch.  A quick examination by the mage suggests the portal may be of an origin older than German manufacture.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Otyugh Battle Ends

Andrej misses, Klaas loses heart and Ahmet wades into the pond. 

Ganzor examines the far side of the pond.  Palt hands off his torch to Mega, who takes his place.  Odval wades into the pond with Ahmet.  Seth and Batath confirm that Joost is truly dead.

Salth is patched up and encourages his brother not to worry.  Erdina takes a place behind Seth and Batath.  Htuya and Worter spread themselves out at the bottom of the slope.

Warth and Culf both step forward to attack.  Culf misses, but Warth hits it with a clean natural 20.  In all he does 10 damage to the creature; it screams and wallows in the mud.

Vala throws her axe at the creature at point blank range (+1 to hit within 2 hexes) (I know, I know, you may not have known about the point blank rule, but you know now, so no worries).  Vala hits with a 17, and the axe seems to have done it.   The creature seems to shrink, it quivers ... the tentacles curl and slap in the water ... the mouth heaves a sigh of fetid, repulsive gas that makes everyone compelled to vomit, and the creature dies.

Zoft lifts himself from the muck and throws up like everyone else.

Otyugh Round 8: Disaster!

Joost failed his morale, and would have pulled back, but ...

Mega moves off to take the torch from Palt (orders from Frith) and Kushi gets his bearings.  Ganzor and Odval flank Ahmet and Frith steps up behind, muttering encouraging phrases.  Erdina administers to Salth, both able to see in the dark, and Salth takes no bleeding damage from his wound.

Batath advances, calls Seth back from inside the pond; Seth complies.  Nerga takes a swing and hits, but only manages to hit the blunt of his pick against the creature's hide ... not enough to stun.

Warth shouts at the men, "GET down that slope, soldiers!"  At Lukas he shouts, "COME ON!"  Then follows his troops down.  Worter slips, but Htuya lands beside him and catches him.  Wedth slips and falls in the muck (effectively stunned), but Vala and Culf are fine.  Warth does it with aplomb, and Zoft does a face plant.

The creature rears in the water and its body strikes both Andrej and Nerga.  Andrej takes 3 damage and Nerga 1.  It does not move, but stays where it is.

The mouth misses Andrej, and its first tentacle strikes out and catches Nerga for 5 damage, slapping him with the back of the tentacle upon his face, spinning him around.  Nerga falls back, stunned.

The other tentacle curls around Andrej, and flips upwards, literally tearing a furrow through the hard metal of Joost's armor.  It splits the man-at-arms' chest open - Joost takes 12 damage, and dies almost instantly.

This round:

Andrej can attack directly.  He will be aided by Culf and Warth, both of whom descended the slope without trouble.

 Lukas and Klaas are up on the slope, and while Klaas can continue loading, Balther looks like he's going to move forward and both Klaas and Lukas will lose their light.  I don't what sources of light you may both have.  Also, Klaas needs to roll HIS morale (please roll 2d6 Lukas), to see how distraught he is at witnessing Joost's death.

Ahmet, you can't move and attack; I leave your alternate action to your imagination.

Otyugh Round 7: The Creature Stunned!

Lukas' dart lands for 4 damage, and Ahmet then hits for 10 more, sinking his sword into the creature's tongue and mouth.  This has an astounding effect on the creature, which swings to its left, towards Andrej and Nerga, clearly in great pain and in part stunned.

Seth attacks, missing.  Mega finishes Kushi's bandage.  Erdina finds Salth and begins binding up his wound, as Mega did before.

Batath reaches the bottom of the slope.  Warth tells the men on the top of the slope to take one last shot with slings.  Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala and Culf do so - all miss.

Ganzor moves left; Odval follows him.  All others hold their places.

The creature gets only one attack this round.  It swings at Ahmet with its one tentacle as it sweeps to its right, missing.  Seth alone takes incidental damage: 2 points, not enough to stun him.

This round.

Andrej can attack.  Joost and Ahmet must move, and in moving, won't be close enough to attack this round - either can throw a weapon if they have one. 

Klaas can fire his heavy crossbow this round.  Lukas can take action also.

Otyugh Round 6: One Less Lantern

Ahmet hits, causes 8 damage - which does not stun the beast.  Andrej moves forward into 2 feet of sludgy water, and Lukas' dagger misses the creature and disappears under the surface of the pond.

Ermeth and Palt shows signs of wanting to be involved, but they dutifully hold their positions.  Mega rushes to Kushi's side and begins binding his wound, so that he won't bleed a single hit point.  Aruth swings at the creature and misses.

Frith moves to his left to back up Aruth, while Odval screams at Balther for being such an idiot, moving behind Joost.  Erdina reaches the bottom.  Salth holds his position and Seth pulls Ganzor back to safety, while leaping into his place - he hasn't enough move left to attack.

Nerga moves to 1717, and Balther stands fast.  Batath starts down the slope, and Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala and Culf let go with slings.  Htuya and Culf both hit, and the beast takes damage; still not stunned.

Klaas is still loading.

Zoft shouts encouragement and Warth warns Lukas that in short order he will no longer be watching Lukas' back.

The creature attacks and misses Ahmet with its mouth; it hits Aruth and Salth with its tentacles (the latter right over Ahmet's head), causing 8 to Aruth and 12 to Salth.  Aruth takes the hit in the chest and falls back with a cry.  Salth's chest is cut open below the collar bone by a tooth on the tentacle and Salth falls into the muck.  The lantern he's carrying snuffs out, and Salth disappears into the darkness.

Balther sees his brother fall and screams - Nerga shouts at him to stay where he goddamn is.

Meanwhile, the creature does not move.  Aruth and Ahmet both take incidental damage from the creature's bulk this round, 2 to Aruth and 3 to Ahmet.

This round:

Ahmet, Lukas and Joost can still attack; Klaas is still loading.

Andrej, it is up to you if you want to wade into 1516, but at the moment you still can't reach the creature.  You have no forward momentum, due to the increasing depth of the water/sludge.  If you dare to move into 1516, and it is no more than 4 feet deep, then you may be able to attack; but you'll have to let me know.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Otyugh Round 5: Still Strong and Dangerous

Ermeth, Palt and Mega hold their positions, the last as Frith orders her to.

Aruth attacks and misses.  Kushi holds his position.  Ganzor recovers, finds himself in two feet of water (hex 1417).  Frith throws his axe and misses, losing it in the pool.

Nerga continues between Andrej and Balther, presses through to 1619 (double speed).  Seth, moving 4 in studded, moves to hex 1317.

Odval (who should have been depicted as descending last round on the rope) reaches the bottom this round.  Erdina descends.

Batath, Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala and Culf use their slings: all miss.

As for the creature, it bites Ganzor, causing 3 damage (stunned again).  Aruth takes 2 points of incidental damage.

It is not Ahmet's lucky day: the creature attacks Ahmet and Kushi with tentacles - Ahmet is missed, but Kushi takes 12 damage.  A tooth rips open Kushi's shoulder between the joints of his armor, causing a wound that will drain Kushi a point of damage a round going forward.

This round:

Ahmet can attack; so can Joost, as he can attack the creature's body in 1516. 

Andrej and Lukas, your decision.

Klaas reloads.

Otyugh Round 4: Good Damage Done

Frith shouts back at Ahmet that HE'S watching the entrance, and that Ahmet should watch the creature.  Mega takes no action (stunned), Palt holds his place, and Ermeth - in frustration, no doubt - watches the tunnel at the top of the map.

Aruth tests the water in front of him (1416) and announces that it's 3 feet deep.  Kushi holds his place, at the ready.  Salth approaches one hex nearer, lighting up more of the pond.

Ganzor moves forward and attacks.  He hits - to his own surprise, as Andrej hears him laugh about it - and causes 5 damage.

Seth touches the bottom of the slop and Nerga uses his momentum to move from 1219 to 1419.  At the same time, Balther takes a remarkable risk - holding the lantern, he proceeds to slide down the slope to 1519.  Balther makes his dex-check, remains upright and does not drop the lantern.  A large portion of the tunnel ahead lights up - but it plunges Warth and Lukas into darkness!  (course, they can still see - its not like they're blind)

Odval rapels down the slope.  Erdina, Batath, Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala and Culf all fire with slings: and they all miss.  Not too surprising ... the creature is a fairly high armor class.  At least this round there is no friendly fire.

The creature is now in full view; it hefts itself on the edge of the pool, and Ganzor is batted aside by its body; he's stunned, and falls onto the edge of 1417.  It bites at Andrej and hits, causing 5 damage.  A tentacle reaches out and hits Ahmet for 8 damage; another tentacle gives a glancing blow to Joost, causing 1 damage.  Neither is stunned.

The creature drags itself to 1416.  Aruth suffers 2 damage from being struck by the creature's body (not stunned).

This round: Ahmet must turn, and move through the muck in the opposite direction, so he hasn't enough move this round to do that and attack.  Salth alone has the momentum to move into 1316, and he's holding the torch. 

Joost can move to 1418 and attack if he so chooses.

Andrej is too far away to attack - he has no forward momentum.

Klaas backs to 1322 and starts loading the crossbow.

Lukas has a wide variety of possibilities open to him.

Otyugh Round 3: Misses Everywhere

Ermeth watches the door; Palt moves to give a bit more light.  Aruth advances next to Ahmet and swings - missing.

Frith continues to call to his men; Kushi holds his position behind Ahmet, keeping out of Joost's way.  Ganzor and Nerga advance beside Andrej.  Salth tries to shine a bit more light by moving to his left

Seth starts down the rope.  Odval, Erdina, Batath, Worter, Htuya and Wedth all fire with slings (Wedth is -2 to hit due to darkness).  The first volley is a disaster:  ALL the dwarves miss the creature, and Htuya's stone hits Joost, causing 1 damage.  Thankfully, Joost is at full hit points, and manages to remain combat ready.

The creature attacks - it does not strike with its mouth or its left tentacle; the right passes over Aruth's head and strikes Mega, causing 7 damage.  This stuns her (the red symbol defines her as such for the next round), and she staggers back.  Ahmet and Aruth are both untouched, as the massive bulk of the creature shuffles away from them towards Andrej - there is no incidental damage.

This round:

If Ahmet wishes to attack, he will have to risk the depth of the pond; he has no forward momentum, now, so it will take him four moves to slop his way around the edge of the pond, through 1317 and 1418.  Ahmet can always throw something if he can get it out fast enough.  (The tentacle, which appears to be right in front of you, is a representation and is not within reach to be hit).

Joost can't move and attack for the same reason; he has no forward momentum, and it will cost him 2 mp to get into hex 1317 (unless his movement is 4, in which case, he can move to 1317 and attack if Ahmet wishes).

Andrej, you have forward momentum, and you can move to either 1418 or 1518 and attack.  Ganzor is rushing towards 1418 - he has momentum also.

Lukas, you can see the creature.  Khath can fire his weapon.

Glaive attacks:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Otyugh Round 2: Emergence of the Maw

From top to bottom, the remainder of the party's turn:

Ermeth keeps a watch on the door ahead; Palt moves to shine more of his lantern on the pond.  Mega, Aruth and Kushi push carefully towards the pond, readying their picks.  Frith walks along behind them, encouraging them.  Joost hands his lantern to Salth, who has come to the bottom of the slope, so Joost can use both hands on his glaive.  Ganzor regains his balance at the bottom of the slope.

Nerga starts to climb down, as Seth, Odval, Erdina, Batath, Culf Worter and Htuya ready their slings.  At this point, there's no beast to see, so they do not fling stones.  Balther, as he passes Klaas, who is moving to 1322 and away from the slope, snags the lantern.  Klaas doesn't mind, as he needs to spend one round readying the crossbow, which he couldn't do as he was carrying the lantern.  Warth continues to watch the passage back, while encouraging all others to keep to their places.

At this point, the party can now see the main body of the creature, half-emerged from the darkness.  It must weigh at least a ton and a half.  Andrej recognizes that it must be a NEO-otyugh, which was always a possibility.

The creature makes no attack this round.  The party is free to attack again; Ahmet can move forward 1 hex and strike.  Joost does not need to move forward one hex to attack.  Joost could attack from hex 1318, but that's a 90-degree change in direction and he'd lose his momentum forward, so that would cost him 2 mp - thus, no point.  Chances are Ganzor is moving into that hex, unless Andrej wants to beat him out for it (they're both the same speed, but Andrej is more experienced).

Andrej, you're catching your balance after coming down the slope, so you're not technically moving yet (so one hex will cost 2 mp).  Lukas, where you are, you can't really see the creature, just the one tentacle waving above the edge of the slope.  Klaas will spend this round loading the crossbow.

Ahmet, don't forget to roll Joost's to hit.  Once again, don't worry about what the dwarves are doing.  Ahmet can see that Kushi, at least, also wants to attack - he's moving towards hex 1316, but Ahmet is faster, and will reach that hex first to attack.

Also, do not forget, adjacent persons to the creature may suffer Incidental Damage.

Otyugh Round 1: Through the Tulip Magic Growth Soil

The image below shows ONLY what the party can see; there are three lanterns at the moment: Klaas, Joost and Palt.  The separated light source at the top is the one that shows from the tunnel.

Obviously, the light/non-light is not as sharp as the map shows - but there's plenty of detail to express here, including the numbers on the hexes themselves, so I've made a concession and not bled the torchlight into the darkness.

The dwarves make their way down, followed by Ahmet and Joost, and here is the position the party reaches for the moment.  The dwarves at the top of the slope (hard to distinguish now, but compare with the previous map) keep ready with their slings, for the first sign of trouble.  Salth and Ganzor are in the process of rapelling down the slope from the tied off rope.

The muck is about 9 inches deep at best, and 15 inches deep at worst.  It smells awful ... and while Ganzor makes one soft-spoken crack about it - that it smells like Aruth's mother's kitchen - there's very little chatter.  It is like walking in heavy mud; hex-movement is halved between the slope and where the cavern rises at the top end (anywhere in the brown hexes, less evidently brown in the yellow torchlight).

The pond, which is hard to see in the gloom, begins blurping with great gusto at this point.


Something emerges ...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Walking With Eels

September 11, 1650, early afternoon Thursday
Weather:  dank  (the party is below ground)

Altogether, the party includes now 26 individuals, the balance of which are dwarves.  Frith will speak with everyone about the importance of some silence; to contain yourselves, to resist an impulse to bandy words with one another.  Frith promises to kill the first man who raises a complaint - looking squarely at Worter - or make a joke - looking at Ganzor.

He acknowledges that people should be careful where they step, and to be quiet with the branches they use to clear a path.  "Don't beat the water with them," he says.  "I don't want to sound like a washerwomen on the river."
Strangely, none of the female dwarves take umbrage at this remark.

"Very well, single file," he adds.  "We don't have to get there five minutes ago, so don't rush the people in front of you.  If you think you can do a better job than they can, stop thinking and wait your goddamned turn.  There's plenty of blood for everyone today.  So come on.  Mega, you've got point."

The dwarves arrange themselves without much comment, quite clearly having done this before.  Mega is followed by Palt, then Frith, Ermeth, Aruth and Kushi.  Frith directs Ahmet and Joost into place behind them, then Salth, Ganzor, Nerga, Seth and Odval.  Andrej fits in there.  Then Culf, Erdina, Batath, Zoft ... and Lukas and Klaas.   Then Worter, Htuya, Wedth, Vala, Balter and Warth bringing up the rear.

Frith controls the group ahead of Ahmet.  Odval controls the second group, between Ahmet and Andrej.  The third group, behind Andrej and ahead of Lukas, is controlled by Batath.  Warth controls the last group.  These are the only four dwarves who speak in the underground.

Ahmet's suggestion of the tree branches radically changes the danger of eels.  We will, however, start this post with a d20 rolled by each member of the party.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dwarves & The Font

September 11, 1650, early afternoon Thursday
Weather:  cool, with cloudy conditions and a light air

The weather hardly changes, except that the breeze almost dies completely.  It is a tolerable day, with just that slight edge that comes from a typical autumn day.  The officer Nachnamen seems to be a tolerable and efficient fellow, who does not attempt to force his regimen upon either the dwarves or the party.  He passes the word along that the weather has been predicted and that intermittent drizzles are predicted for the evening and night - he hopes everyone is prepared to for some slight wet.

The party learns that Culf is the cook; that Salth and Balther are brothers; that Ganzor is a bit of a clown and that Mega is easy to make laugh.  Htuya is a wagnerian (hasn't been born yet, though) hero with her weapons, and the sight of her forearms is enough to put even Ahmet to shame.  Palt broke a finger four days ago and is favoring his left hand, while Odval is nursing a cold that's been bothering him now - he claims - for three weeks.  Nerga and Seth seem to be quite chummy with one another and Worter complains more than anyone would want to hear.

There's nothing to stop the party from getting to the font.  The ground is more or less unchanged since the last time Ahmet was here.  Nachnamen deploys his men and the dwarves begin to unpack their equipment.  More I will say in the comments.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hornung's War Camp

September 11, 1650, pre-dawn Thursday
Weather: cool, with cloudy conditions and a gentle breeze

When the party finds Hornung's camp, and makes their way past the pickets and temporary defenses, they are bone tired.  They've picked up a number of refugees on the way, children and cripples, and there is a long line of refugees escaping the town behind them.  The party learns that Hornung is directing the movement of the host - numbering about seven thousand, you'd reckon - and can't see them ... so they collapse and get some sleep.  Even Emmanuel is too tired to properly break down the wagon - but the party finds help for such in a couple of soldiers who pitch in without being ordered.  The children and cripples are bedded, and impromptu tents are being set up for the refugees.

After two hours of sleep the party is awakened to meet with Hornung.  Hornung has much to tell you.  He is attended by a self-declared 'medicant' who once tended horses in the Lower Bailey, who has been making use of an object that allows him clairvoyance of the proceedings there; he has been able to cast clairaudience besides, for brief periods, and so Hornung is better informed than the party as to what's gone on inside.

The tale goes that that the Bishop has deliberately caused the ground in the Lower Bailey to be descecrated (see note on descecration to follow).  The mine that collapsed (it is uncertain, but theories abound as to how the Bishop managed this - perhaps it was always set up to fall when desired - had a great many convicts that worked within.  These convicts, having been thus buried in descecrated ground, rose during the vigil as ghasts - who proceeded to attack and feed upon the convenient food supply of the mourners.  The bowmen, you learn, were actually shooting at the mourners just to stun them long enough to be sure the ghasts got their hooks in.

The Bishop then ordered his men to seize as many servants and lesser townspeople as possible to dump them into the Bailey to make even more ghasts; this process will probably continue all through the night.

It is believed the Evil Bishop has some means to keep the ghasts in place, to keep them from swarming out of the Lower Bailey.  For one thing, Hornung is supported by the Bishop of Minden, who thinks he may be able to destroy ghasts at will, or certainly turn them away easily ... provided the ghasts are not on descecrated ground when the attempt is made.  It may be that, upon their own ground, the ghasts will have to be killed hand-to-hand; it may be impossible to turn them, because of the power the Evil Bishop possesses.

So the plan is obviously not to release the ghasts through the countryside.  Forcing an attack on the Middle or High Bailies, or the Castle itself, severely reduces the benefit of numbers Hornung has brought.  This will either be a long siege, or a successful attack made by sappers or small bands with a mage or two who can breach parts of the castle long enough for Hornung's army to enter.  The alternative is to slog through the ghasts on their ground.

Eventually the Bishop will certainly lose; Hornung will surround Arnsberg and wait him out if necessary.

What news can the party tell?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lower Gate Round 2

Learning who's who & fixing Ahmet's weapon
The party surprises.  Their action will be, therefore, the only action that takes place this round.