Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Starting 2012

So, it's time we were thinking about getting the campaign started again.  I am going to be around for the rest of this week, with three days off for New Years, so a good day to start again might be around Tuesday to Wednesday next week.  Probably we can count on a day of questions and catching up, before the party starts off to Leer to re-equip.

I'll be putting up some new maps covering the change in location the party has experienced, if only to make clear how one gets to Munster from Engelke, presuming the party would want to go there.

Regarding the cards, and the use of cards.  I trust the party will take note of the links on the previous to seeing what all the cards are, as actions will create additional cards for players.  When it comes to playing the cards themselves, there will probably be some troubles arising from the internet.  I found I was able to teach people pretty quickly how to use them while face-to-face, but things may not be so evident without my smiling face showing how it's done.

I would recommend roleplaying the action cards when they are used.  For example, if Ahmet were to use his persuade card, he might do so by saying, "We would look upon it kindly if you could step aside and let us enter the town, despite our appearance; I assure you we will look much better once we have found an inn and partaken in a bath and a shave.  We are upstanding citizens, believe me when I tell you this; we simply had some bad luck with a manure wagon."

Or some similar presentation.  It really is quite easy once you have the idea what persuasion is, or jesting or boasting or lying.

I would encourage people to suggest other cards that could be added; for example, there is no 'threaten' card, which might be created by exchanging some other card suggesting the player has a threatening appearance (a survivor-type card, or perhaps the Once Convicted card), or which implies having developed a sense of what it takes to threaten people (a Hardened Adventurer card, or Fortitude).  I haven't decided ... though I'd probably make a decision if someone indicated they would want such a card.  In truth, it would work pretty much the same as 'Boast,' but obtained by trading in something other than what Boast requires.

Let me know if there's something else we want to consider before starting.