Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Stable

This is the post intended for the event between the party and the town watchmen who have just entered with the expectation of seizing the party's horsemen.

The scene would look like this:

This is intended as a bare bones map; it doesn't include details about the street, or of the inside of the tavern beyond just the front area.  On this map, Ahmet is the brown man with the pick, mounted on the horse.  The orange is Silvius, whose just come in and is readying his horse.  The green is Nine-toes.  The blue is Andrej, readying the cart.  The white is Emmanuel.  The yellow is the bartender, holding his maul.
The pink and purple are the guard; three of them, in pink, are armed with glaives.  The others are armed with spears.

This is going to get a bit crazy online, but we'll try going slowly to see how it goes.  I ask the players to please be patient.

A few points:

1) We will have to determine everyone's movement.  You can work this out for yourselves from this table.  Nine-toes is a bit special - he moves 6 due to being a monk.
2) Please have a close look at this table.  It will tell you how to 'spend' your movement.  Remember that to attack, you must spare yourself two full movement points to do so.  Also, you may want to choose your final orientation at the end of your move - this costs NO movement.
3) I am thinking at this moment that the best way to do this is to create a post on your blog, where you can post your movement.  All you need to do is download the image, draw on it using Paint or any other program to show where you intend to go, describe here what you're doing, and then post the picture onto your blog.  I will collect your movements off your pages and pull them together onto the main table.  I'll show the enemies movements and update the table as we go.  If you want records of the combat, you'll have to save them yourselves.
This probably sounds a bit difficult and crazy.  I am curious as to how difficult it really is.  I know there are ways online to do this as an automatic feed, but I don't know how to use them at this time, and at any rate I wouldn't be able to access any such programs during the day.  If everyone is game, we can give this a try.
Alternately, if three of you vote against this idea, then I'll run the combat in the tried and true D&D way ... following your descriptions as best I can and updating the table from those descriptions.  It is up to you if you want to play this tactically or not.  HOWEVER, if we do play by description only, then the players will have to accept my judgement for where you wind up at the end of each round.  I can only do the best I can.
Let me know what your movements are in any case.  Tell me what you think and we can get started.  The announcement was made with the last post.  The party, at the moment, has initiative (the watchmen are giving it to you).
Other notes:  There is a door at the back of the stable which is closed and behind Andrej, which leads to an open area surrounded by a solid wooden slat fence five feet high.  There is a side door into the Inn from there, which leads to the Inn's mess area.  The fire appears on the map somewhat exaggerated for effect.  I'll answer any other questions as we go.  Oh, the last horse in the corner is Vorhein's horse.


Here is the current picture, showing only the combat portion for easier viewing.  Numbers have been added for soldiers, to aid in designating your targets.

For Movement, we can also try this:

Emmanuel's Movement

The idea here is that the hexes are numbered for the direction that you move - and that each movement is designated by that number.  Emmanuel's move on the right would be written 1-1-6-1-1.

Note that the orientation of the player is not relevant to the code.  The circle of numbers never changes.  If Emmanuel were to turn around and retrace his steps, it would be written 4-4-3-4-4.

You could also designate your target this way.  If the Emmanuel on the left were to throw an axe at the Emmanuel on the right, the trajectory would be 2-3-2-3.

Is that easy enough?


Surprise, Surprise!

Everyone has moved now, BUT the pirates:

The pirates first appear
The pirates start to move forward (arrows show movement)
Andrej and Ahmet get in some serious thumping.
And she shoots her own Man!
A round of tough fighting as the party gets into the thick of things.
Andrej gets seriously thumped.

Silvius gets a critical and Nine-toes hits home; the party fights back!

Madam moves forward and nicks Ahmet.

Ahmet strikes out with Madam.

 Nine-toes feels the Madam's dagger.

Vorhein's spear hits home and Andrej's up and ready for action.
(ignore the arrow by Pirate D ... a bit of flotsam left over from the previous image)

The death of #4, and the anger of pirates.
Ahmet & Silvius knock 'em back, and a pirate goes down.


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Ahmet said...

(OOC: While this is a neat idea, it's going to be tough for me to execute during the working day. I vote for "by description only" but if the party wants to go for it, I'll do the best I can.)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: This is going to be impossible for me to pull off, Alexis. Blogger is blocked at work, so I have to use my phone when in the office. I love the idea, but this would need to be an evening or weekend task for me)

Silvius Volundr said...

They dont get to keep my horse. I say we fight or run these bastards over in a flight out of the city.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Understood, Silvius. We'll do it the hard way, then, and manage as best we can. I'll add some numbers to the chart and maybe we can work out a shorthand.)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: The tables are very useful, but what about fighting on horseback, which I believe Silvius and I can do?)

Nine-toes said...

How many movement points do horses have?

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Ah, I see I can overrun an opponent for 2 movement points and perform a melee attack for 2 movement points. Do I get multiple attacks against these guys, if they are 0 level?)

Alexis said...

(OOC: Yes, Ahmet; but hold off for a bit. There's a little chore I do ever Thursday morning - it will take me about 45 minutes. Then I will have more time to dedicate to this)

Alexis said...

Okay, I'm here.

Be sure you read the rules here about overrunning, grappling and so on ... take note that you cannot overrun an opponent from a standing start - you must already be in your second round of full movement before you can choose to do so, and at least 7 hexes per round (half running speed).

If Ahmet wishes to charge with the horse, the same rule applies - with the added note that the horse needs to roll 2d6 equal to or over its morale, or it will 'break,' rear, and possibly throw the rider off (its a dex check for fighters, a dex check -4 for non-fighters).

You do receive one attack per level against zero levels, but that translates here into needing only 1 move to attack instead of 2. You cannot attack more times than you can move.

Alexis said...

I have also added a bit at the end - with a simple image - on the above post which we can used to describe movement, saving us a lot of trouble. Please have a look at it.

Silvius Volundr said...

Is Loki in the stable?

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: by the way, thanks for not making Silvius yellow again.)

Alexis said...

(OOC: that was a one-time joke)

I forgot about Loki. Roll 2d6, Silvius.

Silvius Volundr said...


He is a trained wardog. Very smart and dangerous.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Well, given my +2 morale penalty, I don't want to take my chances on having to roll an 11 or 12. So what CAN the warhorse do in this situation, without having to roll for morale?

Can I simply ride forward into the crowd at the door (not "charge", but go forward), or will I have to roll to avoid the horse balking at that as well? If so, I might be better off dismounting.)

Alexis said...

Not at the moment. All animals and men-at-arms start with a 9 morale, which doesn't improve until time and energy is spent with them. As such, Loki fails morale, and is present ... but not at the moment ready to obey your commands.

I note the morale isn't on your sheet, so if you could add it tonight.

I did create an image for Loki, so you will see him on the next map generation.

Incidentally, researching it I found that German shepherds did not exist until about 1890, but that rottweilers go back to the Romans. So Loki is probably a rottweiler (unless you'd like to suggest some other German or Danish breed).

Alexis said...

Ahmet, what I recommend is that you roll the 2d6 and see what happens; the horse won't ride forward towards those sharp spears without making a morale check first. If it fails, then you can dismount.

Silvius Volundr said...

I always pictured him as a Rottweiler. With shark's teeth.

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: 2 questions, Alexis.

1. I don't see mithril chain and shield on your table. It may makecthe difference between 3and 4 points to me with Str 13.

2. I don't see a cost for "throw/hurl weapon". I must be missing it, but need some help here.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Hmm... I'm worried that we won't have our good priest today. Should we continue, or wait for him?)

Nine-toes said...

(OOC - at the very least we should hear if he wants to fight or not)

Alexis said...


I'll add mithril chain next time you're able to buy goods; please remind me.

The cost for throwing and hurling a weapon is the same for any other attack - 2 moves. You just do it at a distance.

I think it is clear that Andrej does not have access on the plane. You don't have to wait for him, though the spellcasting will probably be missed. It is up to the party; I am good with waiting or not.

In the meantime, please continue to sort out any details, and since I can't see your faces, let me know how the map looks.

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: the combat map is really good.

I really want to Poindexter these guards, but agree with Ninetoes; Andrej needs to have a say, especially given the high risk of attacking twice our number.)

Silvius says to the guards, "we have no wish to quarrel, friends. What is happening out there?"

Casually, Silvius slips his hammer from his belt and inspects it as if considering its flaws.

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: "pound", not friggin' "Poindexter")

Alexis said...

It is quite evident from the look on the watchmen's faces that they want your horses so they can get the hell out of here. As such, the only answer Silvius can get out of them is "Surrender your horses or we will take them from you!"

Ah, terrified townspeople. The meat and potatoes of random wandering D&D combats.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Freudian slip? Really strange spellchecker?)

Nine-toes said...

Map looks fine to me, except for the part about armed people wanting to take our horses. I don't suppose you could remove those, could you?

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: I think that cursed gem has haunted my phone.)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: It appears we are waiting for Andrej, which I think is the right move.)

James C. said...

(OOC: Guys, very sorry. I ended up not having wireless on my flight home today. I also can't stuck around to play at this point, but I will be available in the morning. I'll get caught up later and be ready to go tomorrow. Again, sorry. By the time I realized that I couldn't play I had no way of logging in and letting you guys know.)

Andrej said...

(OOC: Alexis, can you send me the two tables to my work e-mail address (send to all my email addresses you have if you can't tell). My company blocks your wiki.)

Andrej tries to say loud enough only for his friends to hear, "These men are cowards. We will not have to fight them all."

Then he steps forward (in between and out in front of Ahmet and his horse on the map if possible), a mace in each hand but otherwise dressed as a catholic priest. Andrej musters a tone of terse authority, "You will not take these horses lest it be over the body of a Catholic priest. Who is your leader, tell me at once!"

Alexis said...

(OOC: It gets tricky there, Andrej. I can't send out personal emails from where I am, and I don't have your email address at the moment. We'll just have to muddle through until you can get a look at things over the weekend)

Since there is no battle, yet, Andrej can move forward whatever the movement - time isn't being counted in rounds until there is battle.

I'll rule that everyone else, for the moment, takes no action. Silvius already spoke, so his movement for the round (that no longer exists) was scuttled anyway.

The person designated number 1 on the map speaks. "I am in charge here," he says. It's clear he means in charge of everyone, not just his men. "And I do not have time to parley. There's a battle raging!"

He directs his men forward.

The party now having lost the initiative, I will have to force you to roll a d6. This time around, I'll take a roll from Andrej.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I'll attempt to send the files to Andrej.)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: good. I was worried that Andrej's bold words would cow them. Now its on like donkey Kong.)

Alexis said...

I will be updating the combat map frequently. You will see that I've changed it now so that Andrej has moved to the front.

Andrej said...

d6: 3

Andrej said...

(OOC: Got the movement file from Ahmet)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: is that a cat next to Silvius?)

Alexis said...

(I modified a top down image of a dog, Silvius - guess from top down, there's not much difference between a cat and a dog.

I'm not an artist. I do the best I can)

Alexis said...

The opponents roll a 4 for initiative. Nine-toes and Silvius only can tell me their actions; whatever they do will be simultaneous with the enemy.

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: I'm just busting your chops.)

Nine-toes said...

I move up and clock the center guard.

d20 roll: 16
damage: 1

Silvius Volundr said...

I throw my hammer at #1s face and draw my hand axe.

D20=10+1 for Dex+1 for hammer=12.
D2-5=3 for damage.

Alexis said...

Remember that no one except for the barkeep and Ahmet have weapons drawn ... so you will need to expend your first movement towards drawing a weapon before you can attack.

Ahmet, I don't know if you want to attempt to roll morale for your horse; it is pretty nigh impossible to fight with a pick axe from a horse's back without wounding the horse.

Nine-toes said...

I need to draw my fists?

Andrej said...

I stated when Andrej stepped forward that he was pulling his maces out, but if he was unable to do so, he'll do so now, stepping into "hex 1" in front of him and in front of both guards #1 & #4. I'm hoping the open door of the empty stable next to guard #4 provides him a little protection.

If he has his maces and can attack this round he swings both at guard #1:

to hit: 17/ dmg: 2
to hit: 17/ dmg 3

Alexis said...

Obviously not, Nine-toes, but I don't know you're using you open hands, do I?

Remember that Nine-toes does not use his 'fists' ... he's a Monk.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Thanks for the heads up, Alexis. I don't like my odds of keeping the horse under control anyway.

Ahmet isn't wearing armor, so he has 5 movement points. I'll dismount (2 MP) and attack Guard #5 with my pick ax. If I can't reach Guard #5 this round, I'll dismount and wait for him to come at me.)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Waiting to roll to see if I can attack this round.)

Silvius Volundr said...

I had stated that I was pulling out a hammer, but maybe while I was speaking I was unable to do so.

In any event, if I could not throw hammer and draw axe, I will draw hammer and throw hammer.

Alexis said...

All right. Lines drawn all over the map show where everyone moves (the people at the back just follow along). None of these men are armored in any way.

Nine-toes will find himself not facing #1, but #3 instead, who gets in the way. #3 attacks Andrej at the same time as Nine-toes attacks #3.

Number #1 attacks Andrej at the same time as Silvius's hammer successfully hits him.

#7 moves and attempts to stab Ahmet with his spear. #5 moves past Ahmet and slams the door to the stall shut.

#4 slams the door to the stall completely open and moves in front of Silvius, and attempts to stab with his spear.

The other men simply move.

#4 misses Silvius.
#3 & #1 miss Andrej.
#7 drops his spear and curses. The spear does not break.

Nine-toes causes 1 damage to #3, which does not stun him.

Silvius causes 3 damage to #1, which does stun him ... #1 staggers back.

Nobody post for a moment, please. I have to address something.

Alexis said...

Andrej, my apologies. Yes, you did say you pulled your maces.

I'm just trying to cover a lot of information here.

Please, please, DO NOT roll ANY dice until I tell you to. It just means I have to waste time telling you the die rolls are wasted. Andrej, I said "Nine-toes" and "Silvius" may attack. NOT "Andrej". Andrej lost initiative, and does not get to attack until after the opponents, and after the positions have changed.

The same goes for any expression WHATSOEVER of actions you mean to take or will take or want to take

Doing so ahead of time just creates unnecessary flotsam in a very messy comments system. PLEASE do not state what you are doing or what you are planning to do UNTIL IT IS YOUR TURN.

Until it is your turn, nothing you say has any meaning for me whatsoever. So please don't clutter the content with it before it matters.

I'm sorry about the mixup with who had weapons drawn and who did not. However, if you will simply correct me by pointing out the text, I will accept the correction.

Alexis said...

Now, I will post a new picture to show the changes after the opponents have made their moves. Point in fact, Silvius and Nine-toes moved with the opponent because their dexterities provided a +1 to initiative ... thus they get a "4" also. Thus, they moved simultaneously. This will get sorted out soon.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Sorry for the confusion, I misread your directions.)

Alexis said...

Can I get an answer that everyone understands?

(OOC: honest, guys, you know how hard it is to run a combat with this many people in real life)

Andrej said...

(OOC: I understand)

Nine-toes said...

Sorry, understood.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Understood.)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: Understood. Alexis, i can't cut n paste with my phone, but if you want a reference, I pulled my hammer in post 11/17/11 8:06am.

If this is a giant pain in the ass, use my last action of throwing and drawing, please)

Alexis said...

Silvius, no worries. Read the comments and you'll see your hammer was thrown and caused 3damage to #1.

Okay, I know everyone's excited, but slowly and carefully, please.

The new position is up. Here is what I need:

1) Andrej's action.
2) An action for Emmanuel - Andrej, tell me what you think he would do; I want to keep from making decisions for the party's side in the combat.
3) Ahmet's action.
4) The morale of Ahmet's horse needs to be rolled: 2d6
5) The morale of Silvius's horse needs to be rolled: 2d6
4) A d6 rolled by Silvius to determine if he and Nine-toes remain simultaneous the next round.

Please, If you attack someone, indicate WHO you are attacking as you roll a d20 and proposed damage.

Ahmet, if you are dismounting, tell me which side of the horse you're dismounting from (I don't know which is the proper side). Remember that leaping from the horse is an option.

The party will note that the barkeep Vorhein's action is to pull the horse away that was standing in the middle of the stable.

I think that's everything. Please keep your comments relevant to the information I require at this time.

Silvius Volundr said...

Alexis, I saw that my hammer struck. What I need to know is what weapon I have in hand now, if any.

With 3 action points, I could have hurled my hammer and drawn my axe if I already had a hammer in hand. Otherwise I would have had to draw and throw, leaving me empty handed now. Can you rule on this please?

Horse morale=3

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I don't see leaping from the horse as an action -- how many MPs would it cost, and does it require a DEX check to avoid damage or losing additional movement?)

Andrej said...

Wishing to provide Ahmet opportunity to dismount, Andrej will attack guards # 7 and #8 with one mace each, hoping to stun them both:

# 7: 9 to hit/ 1 dmg
# 8: 21 to hit (natural 20)/ 5 dmg

I wish I could have swapped htose numbers and hit #7. I'll await instructions on the natural 20.

Emmanuel, fearing for the horses and the party possibly getting trampled by the same will help Ahmet dismount then move his horse to safety at the back of the stable.

Alexis said...

Silvius, I was going to rule that you had one extra move; so we'll assume your axe is drawn.

Regarding your horse; it fails morale, reacts badly to the spear in its face and begins to move around most uncomfortably. Silvius does not take incidental damage at this time, but if he doesn't get out of the stall, he will.

Getting out of the stall, however, will prove difficult, as #4 wins initiative against him and will use the spear to keep him there. Thus, neither Nine-toes nor Silvius will attack until AFTER the enemies go again.

Alexis said...

Leaping from a horse = dismounting for movement purposes.

No dexterity check necessary.

Alexis said...


In order to attack #7, who is on the other side of the horse, Andrej will need to hit and stun #8. He would need to have a move of 5 to perform this maneuver: 2 moves to attack, one move to move, 2 moves to attack.

, move into the hex and then attack #7. Thus, the first attack has to be on #8. This missed. The second attack must also be on #8, then.

Did Andrej roll the d20 again after rolling a natural 20?

The natural 20, you will remember, doubles the damage. So #8 takes 10 damage, which successfully splits his head open. #8 dies.

Andrej said...

I did not roll the twenty again, but it looks as if I won't need to. Andrej does have 5 moves (no armor) so will take his last point to move into the hex occupied by #8 and his smashed brains.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Sorry to drag this out, but I'm still a little confused here.

Are any or all of these options available to me?

1) Leap from my saddle (2 movement points) and land on #5 -- i.e. use my body weight to knock him to the ground -- and then attack #7 with my pick ax (3 movement points).

2) Leap from my saddle (2 movement points) into the same hex as #5, but not literally on top of him, and then attack #5 with my pick ax (3 movement points).

3) Simply dismount (2 movement points) into the hex between #5 and #7 and attacking #5 with my pick ax (3 movement points).

Alexis said...

Accepted, Andrej. I'll put you there with the next pic.

Alexis said...


It does not take three movement points to attack with your axe. I assume there's something on the table that inclines you to read it that way, but I'm not clear on why you think it is three. Because you are a 2nd level attack a zero-level, it actually only takes 1 move.

Option 1: If you leap from your horse (2 moves), jumping #5 (1 move, as he's zero level), you will knock him out of the way. Then it will take you 1 move to recover (not in the document, but we have to rule these things as they apply), and you will have time to attack #7 (1 move). If, however, you MISS #5 when you attempt to jump, you will HIT the stall and take 1-3 damage. If that doesn't stun you (and it won't, as you have more than 12 hit points right now), you will still have time to attack number 7. Hitting #5 will mean number #5 takes damage from the stall.

The benefit to doing this is that you only need to hit AC 10 to jump #5. However, since they are already both AC 10, your options are options are better:

Option 2) leap from the saddle onto the ground (2 moves). As this is not using someone as a cushion, this WOULD require a dexterity check - or else you would take 1-2 damage from hitting the ground wrong on one ankle. However, since that still wouldn't stun you, you could then attack #5 and #7 with your pick.

Option 3: Obviously, you'll want to just dismount and attack.

(GCI: I suppose there ought to be some rule that reduces leaping from the saddle to less time than dismounting. Believe or not, I haven't had this come up since the combat actions table was created. I would have to rule that dismounting should take 1 extra round, then, making it 3 all told; but with a 5-move, that STILL gives time for Ahmet to attack #5 and #7. Let's rule it that way, and I will update that table in time - 2 moves to jump, 3 moves to dismount).

Ahmet said...

(OOC: OK, it sounds like Door Number 3 is the best option. Dismount, attack #5, then attack #7.

Roll D20 to hit #5:

12, +1 for Strength, +1 for using a Pick Ax = 14

Roll D6+1 for damage:

4+1, +3 for Strength, = 8

Roll D20 to hit #7:

4, +1 for Strength, +1 for using a Pick Ax = 6

Roll D6+1 for Damage:

4+1, +3 for Strength = 8)

Alexis said...

#5, who you will remember was closing the door and heading for the wagon, takes the blow in the back. His spine breaks and he goes down with a scream.

#7 is missed.

I STILL don't have a morale check from Ahmet. I can't tell what Emmanuel is able to do until I get this roll.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Sorry... 2D6 = 8)

Alexis said...

Ahmet's horse goes a bit wild, too ... and manages not to cause damage to either Emmanuel or #7. Ahmet, however, takes 2 damage.

This is the end of the party's round. My roll for morale indicates that the watchmen are a little horrified by the cold brutality of the party, but nevertheless continue to fight at least another round.

I will update the table, then give results here, then it will be the party's turn. Please refrain at this time from telling me your actions, until it is your turn.

Alexis said...

#4 stabs at Silvius with his spear, using as much length of it that he can so as not to step into the stall. (LOL) He also rolls a 1, and drops his spear at the horse's feet.

#6 and #3 (number hidden by spear tip) attack Nine-toes, with #3 attempting to flank him by moving nearer to the horse (I rolled and he blew his wisdom check). Both roll and miss Nine-toes.

#9 and #11 attack Andrej, as #10 helps #1 pull back (remember, he was stunned). #9 rolls a natural 20 for double damage, causing 4 damage total with his spear. #11 misses. That shouldn't stun Andrej.
#7 recovers his spear and attacks Ahmet. #2 slides along the stalls and attacks as well. #7 misses. #2 hits AC 6, which I believe is sufficient. He causes 2 damage, scraping Ahmet's arm.

Ahmet has taken 4 total damage, 2 from the horse and 2 from the spear - altogether that shouldn't stun Ahmet.

Please look over the two pictures, one showing arrows for the enemies' movement, the other showing the results. It is from the second table, the one at the bottom of the post, that you should draw your next moves.

Alexis said...

It is everybody's move, then.

Feel free to ask questions, but please indicate who you attack if you attack, and the order of attacking. Please don't feel you need to describe every modifier to every number rolled - I just need the final results. Please report natural 1s and 20s, however, and natural 2s if you are throwing a weapon.

The two horses continue to buck around - I will work out incidental damage caused by either at the end of the party's round.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Everybody having fun?)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I have a maximum of 27 HP, but started this combat at 21 HP. With the -2 from the horse and the -2 from #2's attack, I'm now at 17.)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Love it. Nothing better than an old-fashioned barn brawl... while a horde of pirates is descending! :)

I put the modifiers more to help myself than anything else, but I'll stop if you don't like them.)

Nine-toes said...

I will attack #4 (which is also #4 for my hex orientation, I believe).

to hit: 15

damage: 3

Alexis said...

(OOC: Damn. I've only just realized something. When Nine-toes hit the guard for 1 damage, he rolled five over the guard's AC ... which means he should have stunned the guard for 1-6 rounds.

I owe you a stunning, Nine-toes. I can't go back now, but your next hit that wouldn't normally stun will. Best I can do. Have to remember to stay on top of that).

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: this is cool. I really like the tactical combat map format.)

Silvius smirks at the unarmed man and snaps, "Loki- sick balls!"

Then he hurls his axe at the man's chest.


(OOC: whether or not Loki attacks, I want this fucker to know that he is in a world of shit and that running is a great idea)

Silvius Volundr said...

Forgot to specify that I attacked #4

Alexis said...

That will hit, Nine-toes ... and it would normally stun for d6 rounds, so you've still got one in the bank. Please roll a d6.

Ahmet said...

With a howl of rage, Ahmet drives his pick toward the skull of Guard #7, then whirls and smashes it into the face of Guard #2.

Attempt to hit #7:

20 (rolled an 18)

Damage to #7:


Attempt to hit #2:


Damage to #2:


(OOC: Assuming they both go down, I use any movement points I have remaining to advance on #11... who I have to get through to get to my real target, #1.)

Alexis said...

Earlier we established that Loki failed his morale check for this, so he just continues to avoid the horse's movements.

Silvius misses, and #4 goes down under Nine-toes blow. Nine-toes would probably sort of shrug at Silvius.

Incidentally, Nine-toes still has 4 movement left - he can't fight, but if he wants to back off, he has plenty of time. Remember there's a two movement penalty for separating from combat.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Love, love, loving it... after seeming like the burglars in "Home Alone" when we attacked the hermit its nice to have a little knock-down, drag-out. The fact that 2,500 hundred pirates are at the docks about now heightens the tension.)

Andrej lets out a fierce roar, more orcan than man, at having been stabbed with the spear and swings both maces at #11. Should this one fall too, Andrej will step into his space, still trying to get at the leader though he's breaking ranks terribly.

hit #1: 4 to hit/ 5 dmg
hit# 2: 16 to hit/ 4 dmg

again, both against guard #11

Alexis said...

Ahmet lays waste!

#7 dies, face bashed in by the end of the pick, and #2 takes a blow to the side, stunning him ... he sinks to his knees.

Could Ahmet indicate his final location, please. It will take two moves to wreck his opponents, and he will then have three to move - all opponents of his are stunned, so there's no penalty if he wants to move anywhere within three hexes ... but he can't attack again, so if he's moving on another person, just direct his position and tell me his orientation.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Not that it's important, but the party saw the pirates crossing the water to the docks at least 15 minutes'll remember on the last post that I said you were 20 minutes from the Inn when Nine-toes first took off.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Understand, Alexis. Nothing to be done now but try to get the heck out of Dodge.)

Alexis said...

Andrej hits with his second blow, stunning #11.

That's everybody. Vorhein is pushing the horse outside, and I'll rule that Emmanuel is trying to control Ahmet's horse. So I will need:

1) A d20 for Emmanuel to get the horse under control (constitution check for bravery, so if I haven't rolled Emmanuel's constitution, I'll need to)

2) Nine-toes additional move?

3) Ahmet's final location.

Incidental damage: This happens to Ahmet and #3. Ahmet takes 2 damage, and #3 takes 1; this will not stun #3.

Alexis said...


4) need a d6 from Nine-toes.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I need to get away from this goddamn horse!

I want to get to #1, but #11 was in my way. If #11 is down, I'll stand where #11 was. If Andrej is now where #11 was, I'll stand where Andrej was.)

Andrej said...

Emmanuel's CON is 7. Shall I roll or you?

Alexis said...

You're rolling for Emmanuel, Andrej. Keeps the divisions separate.

Andrej said...

Emmanuel fails. A 17. (OOC: Sure wish that was my next "to-hit" roll instead. ;) )

Alexis said...

Good. I just need to hear from Nine-toes. I'll give him a few more minutes.

Nine-toes said...

(OOC Sorry, was at lunch)

rolled a 1 for stun rounds.

Nine-toes said...

Oh, and no additional move.

Alexis said...

I'll rule then that Nine-toes stays to fight #6 and move forward.

(OOC: there's going to be a bit of a holdup on the next map, guys - this eats time and I won't have it right away. Look for things happening in an hour).

Andrej said...

(OOC: No worries, Alexis, appreciate the effort. Will check in in an hour>)

Alexis said...

Okay, two things are happening here, so hold for both.

The first is that the morale of the watchmen breaks at this point. I'm jumping ahead, posting the party's position at the end of their attack and the watchman's position at the end of their move. #6 pushes #4 into the stall to get out the door. Number #3 drops his glaive and backs away from Nine-toes (behind Ahmet). They make no attacks.

While you're soaking that in, I'll be getting ready the next image.

Alexis said...

The watchmen come up short as they find their way out blocked by five pirates (shown on the second image). These are in leather armor, boots, three corner hats and carrying scimitars. Pirate B grins, and shows a gold tooth. Pirate C is wearing a gold earring. Pirate D has at least ten silver chains hanging from his neck.

And MADAM is a woman pirate, fair looking but not astounding, with a bit of a scar over her right eye. Her scimitar seems to be silvered.

"WELL, WELL, WELL," she will shout. "What have we here? A pack of fighting dogs, all in a neat little trap!"

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: shit.)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I think I'm in love...)

Alexis said...

At this point, now, it is the party's turn. Remember that the two horses are still quite unhappy. The one is moving around in the stall with Silvius, the other is variably anywhere between the cart, Nine-toes, #3 and Emmanuel.

Your actions please. It's a bit complicated - at the moment, there's no combat going on, it having just been suspended ... and there are watchmen between the party and the pirates, which must be accounted for.

Silvius Volundr said...

Silvius will slip out of the stall while the others are talking, closing the gate behind him. He moves andvreclaims his thrown hammer, keeping it in hand.

I suspect that movement would look like 3-2-2-3

Andrej said...

Where is Vorhein leading the horse to? What's behind the barn?

Ahmet said...

(OOC: He's stealing one of our horses!)

Alexis said...

Silvius will have to dodge both horses as he attempts that maneuver, but it's possible.

His hammer would be under #2 and the axe somewhere in the corner past Andrej.

Oh, sorry fellas, meant to mention that the watchmen with the black heads are those that are stunned.

Alexis said...

Out back is an enclosed corral surrounded by a five-foot high slat fence, open to the sky.

Vorhein's move at this time will be to come forward and help Emmanuel.

Emmanuel should roll another d20, still attempting to control the horse.

Nine-toes said...

Ninetoes moves up to his hex #3 but does not attack the guard at this time.

Andrej said...

d20 for Emmanuel: 16

Andrej steps backwards, to be shoulder-to-shoulder with Ahmet. "What do you think now, brothers? The town is likely crawling with pirates... I fear we may not be able to escape."

Nine-toes said...

"I'm a bit curious why this stable is so popular, Elder Brother. Isn't there a bustling downtown that charges a silver a head just to enter? Or a bank of some sorts?"

Alexis said...

(OOC: Inns & Taverns have an allure all their own, Nine-toes)

I just need to know what Ahmet is doing, and I can post the next events & map/

Silvius Volundr said...

Silvius still goes for his hammer. Not so worried about the axe.

Alexis said...

The weekend is coming and I want to get this wrapped up for today. As such, sorry Ahmet, I'm going to rule that you're agog and standing next to Andrej.

Silvius, I've added both the hammer and the axe to the image.

For their part, the watchmen will back up. #4 has no weapon at the moment, nor does #3. The latter will be eyeing the spear next to the draft horse.

#2 will look earnestly at Nine-toes, as if to say without words, "Pax?"

This is the position that everyone is in at the moment of the image.

Andrej said...

(OOC: That's it for me today, guys. I'll be tied up the next few hours.

Alexis said...

There has been some experience earned; and before the battle moves into Stage II, I'd like to reward what's here for now.

Ahmet, who has delivered an astounding 21 damage (overdamage not counted), and taken the most damage himself, gains 418 x.p.

Andrej, who for a change isn't dead last, gets 264 x.p.

Nine-toes, including the damage done to the punks who were here when he arrived, gets 110 x.p.

And Silvius, who has not been having much luck so far, gets 80 x.p.

But cheer up - particularly Nine-toes, who is still short of second level - there is much fun to be had yet.

Silvius Volundr said...

Given this new info, Silvius will slide his second hammer from his belt and plant his feet.

Silvius Volundr said...

Im the orange dude.

Alexis said...

(OOC; yeah. I'm an idiot. Sorry, tried to delete that.)

Alexis said...

I will assume the hammer is in your hand with the next round of action, Silvius.

Alexis said...

Well, I hope Andrej sees this next bit before Monday.

It is now the Pirate's turn, and the Madam will say, "Don't kill them all, boys ... we don't want to carry everything back to the ship."

At this point, the pirates will start to move forward ...

Nine-toes said...

Ninetoes nods to #2.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Apart from being short a horse this ENTIRE battle ... I'll just assume that the statement I made about the enclosed horse being Vorhein's was wrong, that it's actually Andrej's ... I really liked how this came out. You guys are obviously tough enough to handle a bunch of zero-levels already. And I like how good the pirates look. I was worried they'd look dopey. Instead they look suitably terrifying)

Ahmet said...

Through it all Ahmet has stood there, eyes wide, heart pounding. Sweat drips from his hair; gore drips from his pick.

Fear? No, lads, 'tis not fear that has given pause to the savage Turk.

He swallows hard and regains his composure.

"I claim the woman," he mutters to Andrej, and readies his pick ax.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Also enjoyed it and did get to read this before Monday)

Andrej regards his friend Ahmet half incredulous at his words, half in awe of his fighting prowess awaits his turn to act, standing in a battle stance with both maces at the ready.

Alexis said...

Well gentlemen, I'm not completely gimped by my bad hand (can still type with it), but I'm slowed down somewhat. There's a post I was halfway through that I want to try to finish for the blog, and I will try to get up the pirate's move this morning.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Take your time, don't suffer needlessly on our account.)

Nine-toes said...

(OOC - Sorry your hand is hurting. This is a short work week for me and I have a meeting this afternoon, so I'll be sporadic myself. Hope you feel better soon.)

Alexis said...

(OOC: Accidents happen. It's just deeply bruised)

Andrej said...

(OOC: My travel plans for the upcoming US Thanksgiving have changed so that I'll only be online and available today and tomorrow, then again on Monday the 28th. I hope this doesn't keep us from coming to a satisfying "pause" before shutting down until the new year.)

Silvius Volundr said...

Mine is pretty close ro Andrej's, though u may have some availability over the weekend.

Alexis said...

(OOC: We'll do the best we can)

Alexis said...

To begin with, the four pirates in front move; they each throw a dagger straight off (demonstrating they also have multiple attacks against zero levels). A dagger hits #10, stunning him; another hits #9 in the throat, and he falls at Andrej's feet, dead. A third dagger hits #1, stunning him.

#10 does not fall back, as he is supported by #4 and #6; Pirate A steps forward and attacks, but does not hit #10.

Pirate B steps up onto #9's body and engages Andrej and Ahmet, but technically does not get another attack.

Pirate C steps forward and attacks #1 again, rolling a natural 20. He does enough damage to drop #1, who staggers - still alive but in the negatives - back towards Nine-toes ... who can lay him on the floor and step forward next turn. At the moment, Nine-toes and #2 hold him in place, but Pirate C does not have enough move to step into that hex anyway.

Pirate D steps forward and attacks #11 ... and manages to miss.

MADAM draws a short bow, and patiently begins to load it.

The position is shown on the image. The party can make their move now. Vorhein, the barkeep, will wrestle the horse successfully and hand it to Emmanuel, shouting at him to take the horse out of the way. That movement on the image has been accounted for.

At the moment, Silvius does not have a means to move into combat. He can try to order aside someone else, switching places, or throwing a weapon ... whatever he feels is best.

Nine-toes, as I said, can step past #1 and attack, or take some other action.

Both Ahmet and Andrej are involved in combat, and must expend extra points to step out of it (or stun their opponents). Ahmet may assume that Pirate C's scimitar also has him covered, so Ahmet must see them both stunned before he can simply pull back.

Remember it will cost three movement points to move just one hex back, and movement is normal after that.

Any questions? Ask at will. You don't want to make any assumptions in a combat like this.

(OOC: from this point forward I think I'm going to print every picture, and not replace foregoing ones. I hope this isn't a problem)

Andrej said...

Andrej attacks pirate B with both maces. If successful in either stunning or killing the scurvied dog, he will take a step back and allow Silvius a way through.

to hit: 21 (natural 20)/ 4 dmg (x2 for 8 dmg)
to hit: 18/ 2 dmg

on a real roll in this battle...

rolling an additional 20-sided for the crit I get a "1". Is that bad?

Andrej said...

Who is most seriously wounded? I have a bless and a healing spell I'm moving to the back rank to employ if all goes well.

Alexis said...

Technically at the moment, no one is 'wounded' ... some are down in hit points, and #1 seriously so.

(GCI: zero-levels are killed if they drop below 0 hit points. Men-at-arms - of which there are three in this combat, numbered 1 to 3 - can survive down to -4 hit points. Leveled persons can survive down to -9 hit points.

A 'wound' means you have sustained 11 or more damage in a hit, and are bleeding continuously each round - 1 hit point bleeding per 11 damage delivered in one blow. Thus, if I hit you for 33 damage, you bleed 3 a round until you start to bind. It takes 3 rounds to bind a wound once you have the means for doing so, and 1 hit point of bleeding is staunched each round. Thus, it would take 9 rounds to bind a wound that was bleeding three a round, but it would stop causing damage to your character within three rounds. Up to two people can bind a wound at one time, and this doubles the speed with which a wound can be bound. Cure light wounds will close up a wound causing up to 2 hit points per round; cure serious wounds will close up a wound causing up to 6 hit points per round. Cure critical wounds will stop any amount of bleeding).

Nine-toes said...

I've been at 8 hp since Devereaux's house.

I start loading my crossbow.

Andrej said...

Alexis, thanks for the clarification. Let me state my question more clearly to the party: which of you has the least amount of hit points and/ or are further away from your max? I believe both Ahmet and Andrej aren't too bad off considering we just leveled up, but think Nine-toes said something about being down to 8 and I don't know where Silvius is at.

Alexis said...

Andrej's second roll of a '1' means nothing. It's only relevant that its not a 19 or a 20.

(GCI: a second 20 always causes triple damage and the d20 is rolled again. However, if a 19 is rolled, it causes triple damage to anyone or anything not wearing a helmet, and the die is NOT rolled again).

Andrej does 10 total damage to Pirate B, which does stun him and cause him to stagger back 5 feet. Each attack requires 2 moves, but Andrej still has the moves necessary to move back 1 - which I read he does.

Alexis said...

Nine-toes, point in fact, it will take three rounds of doing nothing but loading your crossbow. #3 will shout at you, "Don't do that, let me load it! I'm not half the fighter you are!"

Andrej said...

Silvius the gap is now open for you. I'd like to bless those present then possibly use the cure light wounds in the upcoming rounds.

Nine-toes said...

"My thanks then!"

I'll hand him my crossbow. If I have enough movement left I step up and attack C. If not, I'll wait for next round.

Alexis said...

Since Nine-toes is not advancing, #2 will take his life in his hands and try himself. He moves past #1, attacks Pirate C, and rolls an 11 ... missing.

#4 pulls number #10 back into the stall and #6 attacks Pirate A ... rolling a 19! But he only causes 1 damage with the spear.

Alexis said...

(GCI: Remember, Andrej, it requires a full round less 1 move to CAST a spell, which cannot be DISCHARGED until the following round, when it requires 1 of your movement points to do so.

Beware the chick with the bow. If she hits you while you're casting, the spell is ruined)

Alexis said...

#3 will take the crossbow; Nine-toes can move 2, but now finds #2 in his way; but Nine-toes can expend the movement however he wishes (throw something, move somewhere, etc.)

Alexis said...

#11 attacks Pirate D, rolls a 2 and misses.

Alexis said...

(OOC: waiting only for Ahmet and Silvius, and the remainder of Nine-toes' move)

Andrej said...

(OOC: So the way I see this playing out is the pirates go next after Silvius & Ahmet, she'll likely shoot at that point, then I'll begin casting and be complete casitng before she can shoot me again correct? Can I lose the spell if I have finished casting but have not discharged?)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Since Andrej took care of Pirate B, I'm going to poindexter Pirate C.)

To hit: 16

Damage: 8

(OOC: Do I get another attack this round, or are they not 0 level? If I get another attack, I'll try again to hit him.)

Nine-toes said...

I have nothing to throw, so I stay where I am.

I tell the guard who stepped up, "Disengage and I'll move in."

Alexis said...

(GCI: it takes two rounds to load a bow normally ... but you can opt to do it without taking a round to load, if you accept a -4 modifier to hit)

Alexis said...

They are not zero level.

Ahmet's hit stuns, but Pirate C cannot back up due to the presence of Pirate D and the backmoving Pirate B ... so Pirate C remains where he is without an attack.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Does he crumple to the ground like a sack of potatoes? Can I use the rest of my movement to step over or around him to get to Madam?)

Andrej said...

Emmanuel's activity this round consists of moving the horse that Vorhein got under control out of the way.

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: sorry guys...was in a completely useless meeting.)

If possible, Silvius will hurl one of his hammers over the fray at Madam. If not possible, he will stand fast until aomeone gets hurt and creates a spot.

Is there a spear on the ground nearby, Alexis?

Andrej said...

Silvius, I believe there's still the spot that Andrej vacated. If you don't want it, I'll step back into it next round.

Silvius Volundr said...

Thanks Andrej. Once I hear back from Alexis, I will make a decision I'd he has not taken my actions already

Alexis said...

Sorry, Ahmet, no ... stunned, but still defending himself. Simply won't get an attack is all.

Alexis said...

Silvius can fling his hammer at Madam if he steps one hex right towards the horse; the horse is no longer kicking, so there's no more possibility of damage.

There is a spear on the ground immediately behind Silvius. There is a glaive on the ground immediately in front of him.

Silvius Volundr said...

In that case, he will hurl his hammer and then go for the spear behind him.


Alexis said...

That's a miss.

I'll get up the next round when I can. For the moment, I'll update the picture at the end of the Party's move.

Alexis said...

Well, everyone's gone, but I'll try to finish this round.

Pirate A kills #6, cutting him open across the chest; he turns and stabs #10, who dies, falls forward and drops his spear for #4. Then Pirate A moves into position in front of Andrej, without having the opportunity to attack.

Pirate B & C make no attacks this round. They were both stunned.

Pirate D attacks #11, driving his scimitar into the same wound, nearly cutting off #11's arm. #11 goes down in a heap. Pirate D continues forward, attacking #2 and delivering 5 damage, driving the blade into #2's thigh.

#2 staggers back with a scream, still alive, but now sitting on the floor. He somehow makes his wisdom check and manages to remain conscious.

Pirate D thus drives himself forward towards #1 and Nine-toes. #2 is stunned.

(I'm modifying Ahmet's color to red so it is quite different from the pirates)

Clearly, the floor is getting pretty gory.

Madam fires at Ahmet. And if this isn't one of the great blessed moments for the character's party, I don't know what is.

She rolls a '2' ... and as such, hits Pirate B right in the back. Pirate B takes 6 damage! And how Madam is furious at that! She will drop her bow in disgust. Pirate B staggers towards Ahmet, and - stunned again - turns to look uncomprehendingly at Madam.

But he still lives.

That is the Pirate's action. I've posted the map, so you can look at it and give your response. I'll give the NPC responses as the party gives theirs.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Ah, the perfect color for me! Tell me, have you fellows heard the one about the pirate captain who before battle always dons his red shirt?)

Undoubtedly, the woman was smitten by Ahmet's rugged good looks, and her aim was ruined by her trembling hand and pounding heart.

Andrej said...

Andrej steps forward and attacks the pirate directly in front of him:

to hit: 13 dmg: 2
to hit: 10 dmg; 4

this would be pirate A

Ahmet said...

Ahmet, enraged that Pirate C is still standing, takes another swing at him with his pick ax.

to hit: 14

damage: 6

Nine-toes said...

I attack Pirate D.

To hit: 4

damage: 2

Silvius Volundr said...

Once Silvius has recovered the spear, he will lunge at Pirate A with it.


Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: apologies if I jumped the gun with my turn there. Just didnt want you hous waiting on me.)

Silvius Volundr said...

Guys, not hous. Sigh.

Andrej said...

(OOC: I dunno, I kind of like hous)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: you're my hou, Andrej)

Alexis said...

The first of Andrej's two attacks lands as a glancing blow against Pirate A's scimitar guard, but only a glancing blow.

Ahmet has more luck. Pirate C reels back from a blow to the shoulder, ripping a line of blood along the seam of his leather armor. The pirate staggers back in pain.

Nine-toes misses. Beside him, #1 - who you will remember was hit before, struggles to lift his glaive and instead sinks face first to the ground, unconscious.

#3 continues with his second round of loading the crossbow, backing up as he does so.

Silvius gets hold of the spear, stabs with it and manages a very slight scratch against the back of Pirate A's neck.

#4 needs only to pick up the spear and attack Pirate A from the rear; but he has suffered already in this fight, and he finds now that he just hasn't got the nerve. The most he can force himself to do is pick the spear up.

Finally Vorhein grabs hold of #2, pulls him away. He moves in a circle behind Nine-toes and ends up standing over #1's body.

That's the party's turn.

(picture to follow)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Crap... these guys have a lot of hit points! B & C are still standing after taking 15+, we've barely scratched A, and D and Madam are still in mint condition.

Maybe they'll agree to a timeout so we can put our armor on?)

Andrej said...

(OOC: Crap is right. lol)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: you guys dont have armor on? This is going to be some fight!)

Alexis said...

Pirate A was not stunned; he takes a swing at Andrej and rolls a natural 20. The second die roll is a 20 also ... and the third roll is a 19. I don't see a helmet on his character sheet, so it is quadruple damage ... I roll a 5 and Andrej takes 20 total.

It stuns Andrej, and that's a wound also ... for the present, however, Andrej falls against the stall door and drops to the ground.

Pirate A glances at Silvius' horse, which still seems anxious though its no longer kicking the walls of its stall; the pirate moves back against the stall and readies himself for Silvius.

Pirate D looks at Nine-toes, who has no weapons, and Vorhein the barkeep's massive maul, and decides to attack the barkeep. He rolls a 5 and misses.

Watching the barkeep defend himself, Nine-toes feels a little reassured that the barkeep seems a little more able than the watchmen were ...

Madam moves two hexes forward, hurls a dagger at Ahmet and pulls Pirate B - who is stunned still from the arrow - to the side. The dagger hits AC 4 and causes 3 damage.

(that's their round; image to follow; wait for the image before announcing your next moves)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: We need madam to take out more of her men! As am aside, the fact that these pirates attacked such a large force does not bode well for us.)

Alexis said...

Sorry, just found I had failed to hit return on the map finishing the party's round. Therefore, you will find two new maps. View them carefully, remembering the second one is the one that's up to date (the one showing Andrej on the floor)

Silvius Volundr said...

Silvius stabs at Pirate A with his spear.

D20=20. natural.

Alexis said...

Roll that d20 again, Silvius. What's the second roll?

Silvius Volundr said...


Ahmet said...

(OOC: Looking at where they're standing, I would love to stampede the horses right through them...

Hedley: Qualifications?
Bart: Stampeding cattle.
Hedley: That's not much of a crime.
Bart: Through the Vatican?
Hedley: Kinky! Sign here.

But Emmanuel should probably be tending to Andrej, and we don't have anyone else in position to do it.)

Ahmet will take a shot at Pirate D.

To hit: 11

Damage: 7

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: I knew I should have run.)

Nine-toes said...

When Ninetoes sees Elder Brother go down, he says:

"We surrender! Will you let us tend our fallen friend."

Alexis said...

Silvius causes double damage, so it is six total. This is enough to stun Pirate A.

Hearing Nine-toes, Vorhein the barkeep with answer, "SURRENDER HELL! This is MY INN, yeh cowardly bastard!"

He'll swing his maul at Pirate D, and put an impressive dent into side of the stall, with a loud hollow bang.

Alexis said...

Emmanuel will run to Andrej.

Ahmet's attack against Pirate D will miss.

Alexis said...

When #4 sees Pirate A stunned by Silvius (and Pirate A staggers to the right from Silvius's blow), he jumps forward and stabs at Pirate A from the back. Unfortunately, even with the +2 bonus, he misses.

Alexis said...

#3 finishes loading the crossbow ... but he can't fire it until next round.

Alexis said...

#2, who is conscious but pretty near death, half crawls and staggers his way towards the corner, narrowly avoiding being struck by Emmanuel rushing towards Andrej.

Andrej said...

(Sorry boys, gonna be selfish here)

from the floor Andrej will cast cure light wounds upon himself

"Nine-toes, just stand in front of me and give some cover, we're not finished yet."

Andrej said...

Scratch that... I understand I'm stunned. Hoping to at least position Nine-toes so I can cast when not stunned.

Andrej said...

(OOC: digging the Blazing Saddles quote)

Silvius Volundr said...

(OOC: originally thought that was History of the World...nice one, Ahmet!)

Alexis said...

(Holding for Nine-toes to decide if he wants to do more than just surrender, since he sees no one else is going to. The monk is fast ... he still has time to attack.

Apart from that, short on time just at the moment, I'll try to get up the party's move by 2 pm EST, and at least one more attack by the bad guys before the end of the day)

Nine-toes said...

Okay, thought I used up all my movement point.

I'll attack D again.

To hit 19
Damage: 2

Nine-toes said...

Sorry, I attack D.

Andrej said...

Um... or not.

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