Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Palatinate, SE of Nuremberg

Monday, June 16, 1650

You did, effectively, remain in Eichstatt an extra day while trying to find an appropriate person to identify the books you received from Robur.  And so now it is early afternoon as you travel the road to Nuremberg, joining with the main route towards your destination again.  The main road is well travelled - you regularly come across others heading south, and with the carriage you come up and overtake people upon the road in singles or in groups every hour.

The country you are moving through becomes a dense forest after rejoining the road SE of Nuremberg.  The number of people here that are not on the road drops off very quickly, and any farm cut along the side of the road - or sign of a castle or manor - becomes quite rare.  The land itself, from others you might ask along the way, is under the authority of 'the Upper Palatinate' ... this being a group of semi-independent knights who dwell scattered through the wild lands to the east of where you are.  They are nominally vassals of Bavaria.  Many of these knights are rumored to have fought against the Turks, or against the Spanish - and certainly against the Swedes in the late war.  They are catholics and highly devout, as well as reclusive in their habits.

These knights keep this road open, for although it is a major highway, the country on either side is largely wilderness, and populated by all kinds of creatures ... many of them roaming freely and occasionally striking at isolated travellers, especially late at night.

At any rate, this being the early afternoon, the carriage is waved down by a dwarf and his companions, four other men, one of whom seems to be fairly torn up - dried blood is evident upon one of his legs.  The dwarves are wearing clothes suitable for warmth and for climbing, and have various equipment with them suitable for that purpose - crampons, ice hammers and such.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Headspace At Present

Yes, there has been a dearth of posts here lately ... and I am afraid I cannot put it down only to the slightly harried work schedule lately.  Part of it is, frankly, that I am at sixes and sevens about the Delfig thing, and it makes me wonder about the effort it takes to put this campaign together.

It is less than easy to write and write out the various descriptions, and build them towards things that can be played on-line.  For the most part I enjoy myself - but it can be work, like any DM who has found himself at the beginning of a night's play who is without the 'spark' needed to make it a good one.  I start with some mornings without a lot of creativity, and I start some weeks thinking that I should chuck it.

On the other hand, it has been enormously fun, and creative, and I have even managed to teach myself some things about campaign design.

But when I find myself having contributed to the creation of something which then clearly has no respect for this campaign or for the creation itself, I cannot help but be stunned.  And of late, these last few days, the motivation has not been there.

I do not ask for advice, but I would like to know what the existing players think about the doings around here, about Delfig's suicide, about their own 'will to play' and how they have been affected by it.  It would help to get me grounded and into a head space where I could run again.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Glade

Monday, June 9, 1650

Nasira will be drugged, and when she awakes it will be day; fairly early in the day by her observation.  She has been untied, and put into a chair which is set in an open glade, under a tree, hands bound behind the back and fixed to the tree itself.  She is still face stripped, but her head is covered.

Three men stand in front of her.  The mustached leader, a vaguely familiar lighter skinned man whom Nasira was certain was there last night, and a cleric.  The cleric stands furthest away, and only watches.

When they are certain she is awake - and they are not above striking her to be certain - the leader will ask a question: "Who are you, and where do you come from."