Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dimitrios Bay

Date: 9am Wednesday, April 12, 1651
Location: Dimitrios, Bay, Island of Syros
Weather: a gentle breeze from the north (stronger than a light breeze), with pleasant weather and (still) beautiful clear skies. Feels like 16.6 C.

It is a beautiful day in the Greek Islands as a soldier, Polythemos, comes to take you to the wreck as requested.  He is alone, without the support of others, and quite gregarious in his attitude.  This tends to put the party at ease, as he seems to be a person without any special agenda, without intending to rush the party or in anyway act in a threatening manner.

He takes the party about one and a half miles north of the town of Syros to the bay at Dimitrios, a very small bay below a tiny village, most noted for a small Greek church:

Please ignore the small modern feature.
There is no grand operation that is presently salvaging anything ~ but there is a contingent of guards that are posted in tents at the edge of the brush that dominates the point, as shown in the picture.  A palisade has been built from the Church down to the water, on either side of the point.

You're led out to the end of the point, where a small boat will help you skip from the shore out to one of the rocks, a mere ten-foot distance.  There, the water is about 20 feet deep and crystal clear all the way down to the bottom, which you can see.  There is a ship right there, completely submerged, the top of the forecastle a mere four feet below the surface.

It does appear, as far as your memory serves, to be the Petrel.

Alcibiades House

Date: 6pm Tuesday, April 11, 1651
Location: Syros, the Cyclades Islands
Weather: the wind reduces to a light breeze from the north, with pleasant weather and beautiful clear skies.  Feels like 16.4 C.

In whatever way that works, when the three who spoke to the Harbourmaster emerge from the palace, they meet up with their friends and all are led by the guards to the hotel.  It is a posh, comfortable environment, unusually modern and with the convenience of water steadily flowing from pipes throughout the building (these can be turned off with plugs, but not adjusted).  They provide easy cleanliness and in the warmer months, a conditioning effect.

Rather than begin the next morning at the wreck, I felt the party might want to speak together and sort out any plans.  There's still plenty of time of people to buy things from the market if they haven't yet.

Then we can move on.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


A short note.  I have created a clothing chart for determining your clothing comfort level in various weather.  You can find a copy of the chart on the Drive.

Also, could you please email me directly at, so I can have your email address, to give you access to the drive so that you can add files there yourself?  Please address any questions about the chart to this post.  I now return you to your campaign.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In the Foyer of the Harbourmaster

Cafer Mohammed-ibn-Assud seats Enrico, Ibrahim and Kismet on deep plush cushioned chairs, the sort with long and comfortable arms, in a wide foyer with open walls on two sides. This, too, gives a beautiful view of the sea, without the clutter of the town below to mar the vista.  The parquet floor is made of black and white stones in a geometric pattern; it feels cool on the feet, after the hot stones of the street.  You're each served a chilled coffee with cream and vanilla ~ a favorite of the harbourmaster ~ while on the table in front of you is a large bowl of pomegranates, oranges, nectarines and grapes.  There are small bowls of olives floating in oil around the bowl.

The harbourmaster is serviced by two scribes, who stand on either side of him.  There are a dozen guards in the foyer, but all are well away from your group, and are facing outwards at the crowd outside.

"This may seem strange to you," Cafer starts, after initially offering his hospitality.  "But you have the answers to my questions, though you do not know it.  But allow me to explain.

"Some eight days ago, a devastating storm struck the city from the south.  This is not unusual for this time of the year . . . but on this occasion the storm dredged up a wreck, which was discovered just four feet deep in the water just off Dimitrios point.  A rather fabulous wreck, as it turned out, for it contained something like twenty thousand gold pieces."

At this point, Cafer will hold up his hand.  "Now, the wreck has been declared for scavenging purposes . . . but it was clear that the wreck was not long sunk.  It appears to have been in the water some two or three months.  By our law, if there is a recent wreck, it is our responsibility to determine the ownership of the wreck.  But after examination, it appeared to be a pirate ship, and apparently of construction somewhere in the west.  Knowing no one in the west, we asked the Old One, Philoctetes, to perform a divination.  He is a known local oracle: and his answer was ~"

Cafer turns to one of the scribes and begs the scribe to read the words.  The scribe reads, "If you would know the life and purposes of this ship, ask the stranger from Koufonisia that comes to Syros, for he will know the ship well."

Hearing this, Cafer spreads his arms.  "Well?  Do you know a ship called the Petrel?"

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gaining Attention

Date: April 11, 1651
Location: Syros
Weather: a gentle breeze blowing from the south southeast, with pleasant weather, and crystal clear blue skies.

Please forgive me.  For various reasons having to do with the weather, I've had to set the campaign a little further into the future.  Let's just say that Enrico has healed and that the party in Koufonisia was brought to Syros by their friend Arkemis, who took the party earlier to the island of the psammodrons.  In Syros yesterday, Kismet, Sophia and Enrico met Yuliya and Ibrahim, making friends.

It is now three in the afternoon and the party has been shopping ~ when at one point a stranger steps up to Enrico and says, "Pardon me ~ did I hear you say that you were from Koufonisia?"

Friday, December 2, 2016

Syros Market

We're still cleaning up some other details, but let's move forward.  I have the market table ready for Syros.  You can find it in the Senex folder on the google drive:

I strongly recommend that you make a bookmark for the drive.  I'm going to be using it a lot and this is the last time I'm going to post the link.  In future, when I say "the Drive" as a place to go, please assume I mean the Senex folder.

I also recommend subscribing to the comments sections of the posts, particularly your original character post.  When we're fixing something with the character or updating something, we should go back to that one again and again (and possibly replacing it when the comments field gets past 200).

Please ask questions about the market on this post.  Please ask questions about your specific character on your appropriate character post.


Calculate Your Encumbrance!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ibrahim bin Yusuf Character

This post is for Jonathon's male half-elf bard

Please look at the creation I made for Rowan.  This will follow the same general pattern.  Adjusting for age and race, Ibrahim is +1 strength and +1 constitution for being mature and +1 dexterity and -1 constitution for being a half-elf.  This gives you:

Strength: 15
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 14
Constitution: 15 +1 hp/die
Dexterity: 16 -2 to armor class, +/- 0 initiative bonus [due to background]
Charisma: 17

As a bard, you start with 1d6 for hit points.  At first level, this is always maximum, so you start with 6 hit points.  Your constitution makes this 7.  You weigh 154 lbs., so that gives you a d8 for mass hit points.  I rolled a 5, so adding all together, your bard starts with 12 hit points.

Your maximum encumbrance is 150 lbs.  You do not suffer any movement penalty if you carry 60 lb. or less.

Natural armor class is 7 [corrected].  Your THAC0 is 20.

Your next step is to look over the Bard character.  There is a change in the bard spell acquisition table: your character should start with TWO first level spells, not one (I will eventually get around to fixing that table).  You can pick your two spells from the list on this page from the wiki.  We'll then move on from there.


You'll need to choose two weapon proficiencies.  You can find the list on the wiki.

Obviously, I don't think you'll be exchanging your intelligence for any other stat in doing ability checks, since your intelligence is your lowest stat.  Too bad about that.

The irrational hatred of gnomes is just a hold-over from your family background/early experience. Feel free to embrace it or choose to get over it; in game, the only effect is that you won't let yourself be healed, supported, lodged, fed or otherwise helped by a gnome, nor do the same in return. Even if that makes it really hard on you, even if it means dying.  By second level, however, you may begin to see the light, either as quickly or as slowly as you like.

Don't forget to cut the town market prices by 10%.  If it is going to drive you crazy, I can do it for you, making a special version of the market table for you.  It applies only in Stavanger.

You have to act alone to surprise 3 in 6.

I see I have a correction to make.  It says in your background that your natural armor class is 9.  With dexterity, this makes your natural armor class 7, not 8.  You have a naturally tough composition ~ you don't feel pain or suffering as easily as other people, resulting in less opportunity for damage.

The ability to climb walls is an anachronism.  When I get my thief sage abilities in order, be sure and remind me and we'll sort this detail out.

The personal magnetism that you have will affect any hirelings in the party that anyone possesses.

And yes, the physical prowess + your dexterity produce a zero sum.  But as you get older, your dexterity will decline and you'll suffer the penalty.

Yuliya Romanyuk Character

This post is for Tim's female human ranger.

Please look at the creation I made for Rowan.  This will follow the same general pattern.  Adjusting for age, Yuliya is -1 wisdom and +1 constitution.  Humans don't adjust for race.  This gives you:

Strength: 16 +1 damage
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Constitution: 15 +1 hp/die
Dexterity: 12
Charisma: 13

As a ranger, you start with 2d8 for hit points.  At first level, this is always maximum, so you start with 16 hp. This counts as 2 hit dice, so you add +1 per hit die, giving you 18.  You weigh 188 lbs., so that gives you a d8 for mass hit points.  I rolled maximum, an 8, so adding it all together, your ranger starts with 26 hit points.  You should enjoy that.

 Your maximum encumbrance is 188 lbs.  You do not suffer any movement penalty if you carry 75 lb. or less.

Natural armor class is 10.  Your THAC0 is 20.

You can start looking over the sage abilities on the wiki.  You should pick a field and a specialty, then we'll roll up your knowledge points.

Sorry that there isn't more detail; I will be working continuously on the sage abilities when I am able, to correct that failing.


You should decide on three weapon proficiencies that your character will possess.  Assassins can use any weapon, so pick from this list.

The trust of the community you have is that of your birthplace, Kamut.  If you go there, you can have 4800 g.p. for the asking, to be paid back over 10 years, at 9% interest (and they will come looking for you if you don't).  Remember, while the community adores you, your family (people who really know you) are apathetic towards you.

Your photographic memory will mean that if you can't remember the name of a place or a person, I will supply it for you (and if I forget, then we will make up a name on the spot and cause reality to change to suit).

Your penalty of -1 to hit if you're awoken from a sleep lasts the length of the combat that follows.

Nine-toes Character

This post is for the character Nine-toes alone.

We have a lot to catch up here.  Please tell me what level Nine-toes is.

At the moment, I have no set up for sage abilities for assassins, monks and bards.  I promise I will work on these things as a priority in the next few weeks.  For the time being, I need to be reacquainted with your character.

Please post whatever information you can.  Send your character to my email address:, or create a file on line under a blog for your character, whichever is easiest for you right now.  Eventually we will need an online version of some kind that can be looked at and accessed.

I don't know if you're able, but could you also please post the original background rolls we made for your character a long time ago? If you're not able, don't worry about it. Just as much information on that as you have, please.

Great, I've heard from you on email and Nine-toes is level 2.  And I've got the character sheet.  That seems very complete.  You may be my easiest character to start.

Ask any questions; I'll check back around as I get others set up.

Lukas & Kismet Characters

This post is for the characters Lukas and Kismet alone.

Please correct me in this: as far as I remember, Lukas is 5th level and Kismet is what?  Damned if I can remember what class Kismet is.

We need to set up Lukas' knowledge points for sage abilities?  Have a look at this page: Mage Sage Abilities.  You need to pick a field of knowledge and then a study in that field.  I know that you had done this with the old system before (architecture, I believe) ~ but it is a clean slate from here so you can pick whatever you'd like.  Rule changes like this require people having a free hand.

I know that the specific abilities of each specialty isn't listed; I didn't have the time for that.  However, the general description is there and we can start working out abilities once you've picked your particular knowledge field/specialty.

Once we get Lukas set up, we'll work on Kismet.

I don't know if you're able, but could you also please post the original background rolls we made for your character a long time ago?  If you're not able, don't worry about it.  Just as much information on that as you have, please.

Andrej & Sophia Characters

This post is for the characters Andrej and Sophia alone.

Please correct me in this: as far as I remember, Andrej is 5th level and Sophia is 2nd?  Damned if I can remember what class Sophia is.

Had we ever set up Andrej's knowledge points for sage abilities?  Please tell me if we have or haven't, and we'll go from there.  Then we'll set up Sophia.

I have to admit, I've forgotten great swaths of things about the party.

I don't know if you're able, but could you also please post the original background rolls we made for your character a long time ago?  If you're not able, don't worry about it.  Just as much information on that as you have, please.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ahmet & Enrico Characters

This post is for the characters Ahmet and Enrico alone.

Please correct me in this: as far as I remember, Ahmet is 5th level and Enrico is 1st.  Is that correct?

Both are fighters, so I need them to look at this list on the wiki of Fighter Sage Abilities.  For the moment, let's pretend that Ahmet and Enrico are just starting out, whatever their level.  Both have to choose a field (animal training, leadership, mastery of arms and training) and then a specialty in that field (Judgement, for instance, is in the field of Leadership).

Please take your time reading your options and we'll go from there.  I know the exact abilities are not worked out, but you should be able to get some sense of them from the descriptions.